Interfaith Cotton Protective Mask


A beautiful mask to mask your boring mask.


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A beautiful mask to mask your boring mask.

A mask tells people that you care about others. THIS mask tells them that you care for and respect members of every religion. It is a double-message of love.

Our popular interfaith logo is printed in full color on double-layer navy blue cotton fabric.

Because of its loose fit and the fact that it is not KN95, by itself it is not suitable for long-term wear in high-risk areas. But for a quick trip into the grocery it is probably fine. For longer use, we recommend using it OVER a higher-quality mask. It will give you even more protection, and spread a message of love instead of spreading Covid.

It is pictured being worn over a standard blue surgical mask in the first picture, and over a KN95 mask in the second.

They were put on sale by my supplier when they thought the pandemic was almost over, so I am able to sell them to you at less than the original wholesale price. When the supply is gone, I won’t be able to reprint.

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