People are worried about the future. The world has not faced a challenge this big for over 70 years. People need the hopeful vision that the Baha’i Writings offer. Here it is in a pocket-sized booklet that you can send through the mail for 70¢ in postage. (We also sell envelopes.)

Bahai Teachings for a hopeful future
Bahai Teachings for a hopeful future

Baha’i Teachings for a Hopeful Future is the booklet for seekers who want to go straight to the source. Here readers will find over one hundred carefully selected quotations that offer an uplifting and hopeful vision of humanity’s potential. The cover is beautiful. The interior text is deep blue.
The quotations cover a wide range of topics, organized around the idea of maturity and God’s love. Section headings include:

  • Building a New Relationship with God
  • Spiritual Maturity
  • Tools for Social Progress
  • The Role of Religion
  • Envisioning the Future
  • A Selection of Baha’i Prayers.

Priced to give away at 5/$8.50; 40/$50.00 or a full case of 180  for $180.00

The Evolution of a Teaching Tool
Fifty years ago, the most popular pamphlet was “Baha’i Teachings for a World Faith.” It was mustard yellow and was a nice compilation. When that was gone, a Persian man published “Baha’i Teachings for a New World Order.” But then “New World Order” became a controversial name. I decided to produce my own version with a more personal focus, starting with God’s love for us. It was 1999 and millennial fever was upon us. I published “Baha’i Teachings for a New Millennium,” and it was a great hit. But by the time I sold out, the millennium was old news and we were all looking forward to hope and change.
“Why We Have Hope” did not do as well, even though the content was identical. So when I ran out, I went back to “Baha’i Teachings for…” and added “a Hopeful Future.” I had considered “A New Day” but it sounded too fluffy. “A New Age” sounded, well, new age.” “A New Era” would appeal to the old-timers, but no one really talks like that anymore. So we have a Hopeful Future. I hope it is. And I hope you like it. Click on the picture to learn more.

True Wealth for Troubled Times
True Wealth for Troubled Times

True Wealth for Troubled Times
If people aren’t worried about their health, then they are worried about their finances. The economic fallout of the pandemic and quarantine promise to be even greater than the economic collapse of 2008. True Wealth for Troubled Times will help people put their financial situation in perspective and give them confidence in their ability to find the source of true wealth within.
It comforts the poor and inspires the wealthy like nothing but the Writings can do. If you haven’t read it yet, you are in for a treat.  Again, I encourage you to write a note in the cover and send it to friends and relatives who may be struggling with reduced income and increased expenses. They will thank you for it.

WeR1 Family Welcome Flag, Spring colors.

Are Families Walking through Your Neighborhood?
With everyone stuck with “nowhere to go,” many people have started taking strolls through their neighborhoods. Some people are putting teddy bears in windows for kids to look for. Others are putting more energy into their gardens.
Here is a simple and beautiful way to spread the message that, not only are we all in this together, We Are One Family!

If you don’t have a garden flag stand, you can hang this flag on a coat hanger on your door, or mount it on your mail box post. It is two-sided and reversible, giving you four color combinations for the four seasons.


Ridvan Banner
Ridvan Banner

We hope you are having a Joyous Ridvan, in spite of the challenges facing us.
Just so you don’t worry about us, we understand that we are not an “essential service” but we do feel that the world desperately needs our materials right now.
We work from home and have gone over a month without outside contact except for dropping orders off at the Post Office. We are taking every precaution possible to stay safe and to keep your packages clean and safe.
If anything changes, we will let you know.

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