Book of Comfort and Healing

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25% off sale is extended 2 additional weeks to allow your NEW Assembly to consult on how you can help hospitals deal with the stress of the pandemic.

Book of Comfort and Healing
Book of Comfort and Healing

A few weeks ago, I told you about a call from a hospital chaplain. She was in a bit of a panic. Her hospital was on lock-down. Family and friends were not allowed to visit patients, and even she and the other chaplains were having to keep their distance. Patients needed something spiritually uplifting to help them cope.  How fast could we get a case of The Interfaith Book of Comfort and Healing sent to her?

Well, a few weeks later, she sent me pictures of their prayer room with tables 6 feet apart and stacks of our booklets. (See below.) A few days after that, she ordered her second case – which was our next-to-last case!  Fortunately, yesterday we  received our third printing of 20,000.

If your Baha’i Community could donate a supply of this powerful compilation to your local hospital, it could really help. To encourage you to do this, we are EXTENDING our sale for two extra weeks to give your NEW Assembly time to consult. It is now on sale at 25% off until May 15th.*

Many chaplains have already received free samples of our book, and have seen it advertised in their association newsletter, so they may be aware of it. You would still want to contact them directly and find out if they are willing and able to receive the donation. 

Here is how you might proceed: Go to your hospital’s online directory and see if they list a chaplain or a “spiritual services” department. If neither of these is listed, or if the chaplain is not able to help, check for something like “patient services” or “customer liaison.”  Either call or send an e-mail (remember, they are very busy) and say, “May we donate a supply of a booklet of interfaith prayers for healing?” 

If you send an e-mail, give them the following link:

This link will take them to our Interfaith Resources page, so they don’t think you are trying to send Baha’i literature.

If they say “yes,” then get an accurate shipping address for them, including the contact person.

*Then go to the above link and place an order using coupon code “donation99.” That will get you 25%off on your order until May 15th.  (That makes them less than $1 each by the case.) Put their shipping information in the “ship to” field so the package will go directly to them and be handled by fewer people.

Note: This is our Interfaith Resources page. The coupon will not work at our Bahairesources page or for any other items. You will need to register as a user before placing your order. We will send them a packing list, but you will get an e-mail confirmation as your receipt.

Here’s a picture of the prayer space that the chaplain created in a cafeteria of her hospital. This is what she had to say about our booklet:
Words are insufficient to express how grateful we are for the interfaith book of Comfort and Healing!
We at the hospital now have a designated prayer space in our cafeteria and people are sitting and praying alone and together- using your book as a guide!
God bless !
Rev Cindy Wilcox

Products for Hospitals
Products for Hospitals

Of course, sending things to hospitals is only one of the ways you can give people encouragement in these uncertain times. We have a whole range of products focused on comfort and healing, including our metal healing prayer coins, our Three Tools of Healing poster/pamphlet, our comfort booklets, In Search of Healing and When You’re Down and Troubled, the longer compilation Ocean of Healing, our Healing Prayer Cards and more. Click here to see them all. (This will take you to our BahaiResources pages.)

All of these things can be sent through the mail so you can create strong spiritual connections while remaining physically distant.  To make it easy, we carry A7 envelopes to go with the Book of Comfort and Healing, and A6 envelopes for The Ocean of Healing and our Gift of Prayers. Remember to attach enough postage ($.70 for Ocean of Healing and $.85 for Comfort and Healing, if you don’t add anything else to the envelope).

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