Bicentenary 2019 – final update

With only two weeks to go before the Bicentenary, I’ve run out of several things, found one thing I thought I was out of, and reduced the price on three gift items by 50% or more. At this point, I’m essentially giving them away.

Scroll down for details, or just go to our Bicentenary Page to see everything.  Just remember that items created specifically for the Bicentenary can’t be returned. 

Click on any of the links or pictures to see all of our Bicentenary materials, including party booklets, pens and  posters.

I found a lost box of lapel pins, so I’ve lowered the price to half of the original – as low as $2.50 each in packs of 12. Their value as a conversation starter will not end next month.  I only have a few 12-packs left. 
I’ve reduced the 12-pack price to only $15.00. That’s half of the original price, and only $1.25 each for the most elegant pen you will ever find for that price. Grab them while you can. These are beautiful pens. The teal blue gel ink is unique.  Everything about it says quality.
Important events have commemorative coins. Giving out commemorative coins tells people that your event is important.
These Commemorative Medallions 
were already priced to give away in bulk, but I’ve lowered the price to half the original. At $1.50 each in packs of 10, they will make a big impression for the price of a cup of coffee. 
I thought I was out of these Prayers of the Bab Postcards, then found another box. Since they are part of our Anna’s Postcard set that I’ve sold for years, I’m not marking them down. At $15 for 50 they are already affordable gifts for your celebration.
I have plenty of these. I lowered the price two weeks ago, so they are already so affordable that there is no point in reducing the price further. They will be useful long after the Bicentenary, and can help shy people gain the confidence they need to start hosting dinner parties.
I’m afraid I ran out of these a few days ago and have no time to reprint. Sorry. I did warn you.

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