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“What is the purpose of our lives?”  ‘Abdu’l-Bahá: “To acquire virtues.”

As Baha’is, we have a three-fold duty: To purify our own characters, to train our children to love virtues, and to teach our fellow citizens, through both words and deeds, the beauty of a good character. The materials on this page will help you do all three.

For younger children, we have materials to teach them the vocabulary of virtues – blocks, magnets, flags and more. For older children, we have crayons, games and activities where they can explore definitions and examples of virtues in action. For adults, we have books, cards and coins to help you learn more and to focus your attention on what you already know.

Character Coins 2

Character Coins 2

  • SKU: JY-Z-Bear
    Our "You Are Loved" medallions is now available with a soft plush 5" teddy bear.
  • SKU: BK-BK
    This Bee-utiful little book teaches kids twenty-one simple ways to show kindness and practice love, written as "I" statements.. 24pg
  • SKU: mag-abc
    Turn your refrigerator into a virtues learning center with this colorful set of sixty 3.5x4cm flexible alphabet magnets. Each 3.5x4cm flexible magnet features a letter and the name of a virtue that starts with it.    We included the upper and lower case form of each letter. That gave us 52 magnets, then we added some extra vowels and punctuation to make it easier to spell words, names and even short sentences.
    An illustrated "elevated alphabet" that invites children to explore an ABC list of behaviors that build character and promote happiness.
  • SKU: cr-vc
    This set of 52 wooden Character Coins will help you focus on the virtues you want to develop in yourself and in your children. Sold in a cloth bag along with a list of definitions. $34.95
    A cute teddy bear demonstrates what eleven child-friendly virtues look like in action. A Family Virtues Guide for toddlers. 24pg
    Fourteen short kid-friendly "I AM" affirmations, followed by mini-poems that elaborate the qualities being affirmed. Beautifully Illustrated by Elaheh Bos.
  • SKU: crayon
    Your children will learn to associate positive character traits with their favorite colors while using this unique set of 24 virtues crayons. Scroll through the photo gallery to see what virtue is associated with YOUR favorite color!
    More than just another fuzzy toy, Cuddlebuddies teach kids how to regulate their own emotions when they are upset using four affirmation "comfort coins"
    Our newest CuddleBuddy is a reversible happy/sad octopus that comes with a hidden pouch filled with calming affirmations printed on wooden comfort coins.
  • SKU: cbb
    This set of Character Building Blocks does just that – builds character by exposing children to the names of 64 different virtues – or character strengths – that they carry within themselves. Teaching children the vocabulary of virtues at a young age empowers their emotional intelligence by giving them the words they need to identify their feelings.
  • SKU: gc-vrc100
    100 Virtue Reflection Cards in a free satin pouch offer inspiration, education and guidance for daily or weekly meditations on the virtues inside of us. $26.95
  • SKU: cg-q
    This deck of cards is perfect for children’s classes, games nights, and family gatherings. Its unique faces and suits teach spiritual principles and virtues while you play! $9.95
    Comfort Coins are like a combination of affirmations and worry stones that help you relax, center and respond wisely when you are stressed.
  • Sale!
    A character-building coloring and activities book the whole family can enjoy. 24 charming illustrations for the younger kids to color and 38 pages of challenging activities for older children and adults that range from easy to hard, silly to profound.
  • SKU: bk-49
    The Family Virtues Guide is subtitled, Simple Ways to Bring out the Best in our Children and Ourselves by Linda Kavelin-Popov with Dan Popov, Ph. D. and John Kavelin This book is intended for parents and children to use together to nurture togetherness. $22
  • SKU: bk-1030
    Thirty simple activities that kids can do to learn about virtues and make the world a better place at the same time.  While it is formatted and illustrated for younger elementary school kids, the ideas can be used by just about anyone. 36 full-color pages in an 8.5x5"  format. $9.50 By Liz Acosta
  • SKU: bk-cv1
    We have two coloring books that teach kids about virtues. This one is filled with over 100 charming illustrations that focus on words that describe virtues.  
  • Kindness Thank-You card

    SKU: GC-K-1
    Expressions of gratitude create bonds of love between people, and encourage us to look for the good in everyone.
  • SKU: GC-K
    These Kindness Thank-You cards are free to LSAs, or purchase them for your personal use Expressions of gratitude create bonds of love between people, and encourage us to look for the good in everyone.
    This shirt reminds us that courage is more than fighting dragons. It is about being honest, forgiving, hopeful, serene, loyal, kind - and a whole lot more. Courage is about being true to yourself and having integrity when other people pressure you to abandon your values.
  • SKU: TS-75
    This cheerful shirt reminds us all that it is our virtues that make our hearts shine. The design includes the names of 18 virtues radiating from a big red heart, creating a nine-pointed star.
  • Be the Sunshine T-Shirt

    When you can't SEE the Sunshine, BE the Sunshine. This uplifting message will brighten the day of everyone who sees it.
    May I tell you that you're Wonderful? A shirt to inspire positive human interaction.
  • Virtues Placemat

    SKU: pm-abc
    Everyone uses placemats, and educational placemats give you something meaningful to talk about during meals. That makes these ABCs of Virtue placemats printed on 12x16" heavy washable and stain-resistant fabric great gifts for every family you know.
  • Sale!
    SKU: bk-am
    Our first adult coloring book was so wildly popular that we've created Virtue Affirmation Mandalas - a coloring book for adults. Saying virtues-oriented affirmations while coloring doubles their impact and reduces stress. $11.95
  • SKU: bk-mm
    This book of 120 images offers an added benefit by pairing beautiful nine-pointed-star-motif mandalas with the names of spiritual virtues. Meditating on the virtue while getting lost in the art of coloring can create a kind of simple prayer that draws us closer to our Divine potential.
  • SKU: dcbb
    We took our regular set of 24 Character Building Blocks that teach kids the names of virtues, and added a coordinated set of 121 more blocks. With 145 blocks in total, you and your child can build castles, design cars, create a zoo, and make "domino" runs while learning about what it takes to have a good character.
  • SKU: gc-fvc52
    Family virtues cards are the perfect family gift. This deck of 52 virtue cards is not only a handy reference guide, but by focusing on a different card every day or every week, you will quickly gain a greater understanding of our spiritual capacities. Each card contains an inspiring quotation, the meaning of the virtue, how to practice the virtue and an affirmation. Comes with a satin pouch for storing.
  • SKU: gc-cvc52
    Classroom (not religious) Virtue Cards Deck of 52 classroom virtues cards describes 52 virtues that are valued by all cultures as the content of our character. Each card has a beautiful photographic illustration of the virtue in practice. Each card contains the meaning of a virtue, signs of success in practicing the virtue, and an affirmation for growing that virtue. $17.95
  • SKU: gc-bvc
    A Baha'i Edition of the popular Virtues Cards in a satin pouch. This deck of 52 virtues cards is not only a handy reference guide, but by focusing on a different card every day or every week, you will quickly gain a greater understanding of the path to God. Each card contains a spiritual quote, the meaning of the virtue, how to practice the virtue and an affirmation. Ours come with a satin pouch for storage.
  • Ways to Praise Cards

    SKU: mtc-52
    Both a teaching card and a personal reference, the ways to praise card to help you and your friends find just the right words to use to encourage the development of virtues at home, at school and in the work place. The front lists 46 positive qualities under the six character strengths developed by the Positive Psychology movement. Their research suggests that developing these strengths will help people become happier and healthier, and I couldn’t agree more. It is an example of science and religion agreeing on the same principles for different reasons. The back explains the importance of making praise specific and offers sample phrases that you can practice using to make your words of encouragement more effective.
    A colorful set of 26 ABC Virtue Flags connect with velcro to form a banner.
  • Character Growth Chart

    SKU: cr-gc
    Kids will love showing off how tall they’ve grown, and parents will appreciate the free chart and the emphasis on character.
  • Virtues Alphabet Poster

    SKU: pr-abc
    The title of this colorful Virtues Alphabet poster is Character Building from A to Z. It is based on our popular Virtues Alphabet Refrigerator Magnets. It will help you teach your children virtues and character strengths right along with their ABCs.
    Little Champions of Justice tells the true stories of eight remarkable girls and boys from around the world whose courage, determination and sense of justice have made the world a better place.
  • SKU: ts-ws
    Here is a tongue-in-cheek virtues T-shirt that encourages people to look for the good within themselves and others.
  • SKU: cb-abc
    This coloring book works on so many different levels. First of all, it is a fun coloring book with pretty star patterns that children (and adults) of all ages will enjoy . Second, those pretty stars are made out of letters, so it teaches the alphabet AND character recognition in different fonts and at different angles. Third, it teaches virtues.
  • Sale!
    SKU: JY-252
    "I can teach virtues" pin. It attaches easily to your shirt, jacket, purse strap or laptop bag. The bright colors will attract attention to your message, which is spelled out in soft, non-toxic and durable PVC material. The size is 1.75x1.2" and the design is 3-D rather than flat. now only $1

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