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The most important thing we will run out of… is time. Don’t wait to order. Our Post Office closes at 11:am, so we pack orders in the afternoon for the next day. That means that order placed late on Thursday don’t go out until Monday.
We use USPS Priority Mail for any order over one pound, and that takes 2-3 days in transit. That means Monday’s mail is delivered on Wednesday or Thursday. So an order placed late this Thursday could arrive the following Thursday (the 2nd day of Ayyam-i-Ha, but before the weekend). It is simple math. So don’t wait and then hope for a miracle.



Bahai Gifts
Bahai Gifts

We have also already run out of our Illumine My Heart T-shirt transfers. I hope to have more in on Friday so I can ship more shirts out on Monday. Check back in over the weekend.

Fortunately, I just received several hundred more of the Courage Is Needed Dragon T-shirt transfers. The sale on WHITE Dragon shirts is still going on until I run out of white shirts. I’m already out of some sizes, and expect to be out of more by the weekend. The gold-on-black should still be available after that.
See all of our T-shirts here.

World Citizen Tote Bags are also flying out of here. We’ve run out of the green, but still have Navy, Royal and Light Purple.

We are also out of the World Citizen Dog Tags, but our Prayer for Protection Dog Tags are still available and all of the rest of our World Citizen materials are in stock. 

New Envelopes

New this week, we’ve brightened up our Ayyam-i-Ha cards with hot pink and/or translucent raspberry envelopes. They really make the cards feel festive.

I am NOT expecting to run out of the cards, but I may run out of the blue Ayyam-i-Ha ribbon. To encourage you to buy the white instead, I’ve reduced the price.

temporary tattoos on kids
temporary tattoos on kids

This also seems to be the year of the tattoo. We’ve run out of our “I’m a Star” temporary tattoo, so our assortment of 12 are now 3 each of four designs. We will be replacing the star tattoo with two new ones based on our new Dragon and Illumine My Heart T-shirt designs. Watch for them in a few weeks.

Spiritual Education Pens
Spiritual Education Pens

The other thing we are likely to run out of is one or another of our pens. Just when I think I have plenty, someone comes along and buys one for everyone in their community and wipes me out. I don’t know which one it will be this year, but one of our five pens is sure to disappear before the month is out.

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