This week was difficult for a lot of women who were triggered into remembering – and perhaps reliving – various forms of trauma and abuse.  
That’s why this week I am reminding you of a number of books that I and others have written to help people deal with tests and trauma of all kinds. Whether you are dealing with trauma, or the compulsive behaviors that often manifest themselves as a result of trauma (forgotten and remembered) the books above will be helpful.
You can read reviews at our site or on Amazon to see if they might be what you are looking for. The Secret of Emotions is a good place to start, but if you are ready for some deep digging, Love Lust and the Longing for God will address issues dealing with sexuality and compulsive behaviors.
Looking for general help with tests of all types?
Here are some good books to get you started. Click here or on the picture above to go to our “Assistance with Tests” page.
Not pictured, but relevant for the current chaos in the country, is our deluxe prayer book for women, Wings of Prayer.
If you or someone you love is dealing with addictive behaviors, these books will give you helpful insights.
We are hearing a lot this week about how alcohol can affect the behavior of otherwise good people. Alcohol is not the only addictive substance, and substances are not the only things that can cause compulsive behaviors. These books will give you a deeper understanding of the principles involved from both sides of the issue.
How do you inoculate your children (particularly your sons) against the Rape Culture that is so prevalent? 
This Spiritual Guide to Great Sex puts sexuality and attractions into a spiritual context. The title will grab teen’s attention. The insights will help guide their behavior and relationships for decades to come.
If you would like to know what it says before ordering some for the youth in your community, you can read the entire text at my blog by clicking here.