Baha’i Convention – Last Chance to Order

Yes, Unit Conventions are for electing delegates… but for isolated believers and Baha’is from smaller communities, they are also a time to re-establish their Baha’i Identity. Baha’i Calendars, books, gifts, name tags and jewelry are an important part of that process. That makes NOW the perfect time to stock up on some of the special things that help Baha’is feel that they are part of something special.
Here are some ideas:

Remember, we do NOT sell on consignment. Don’t order more than you expect to sell. We have a 10% restocking fee and you will pay postage both ways, so be conservatively optimistic.

Having said that, we DO have the best materials for convention available, so literally, don’t hesitate to order products that will help make your convention special.

Here’s a list of some things you might need.

Name Tags so people can remember each other’s names. Look at the picture above to see our new design, inspired by Joe Paczkowski.
A set of Folders to put agendas, ballots and messages in, and Pens to write with (our Convention Pack gives you both for only $.75 each). Note: I just received 1,200 new flower pens.
Star clips to clip papers together with
Thank You gifts for people who help
Songbooks for leading everyone in song

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