Swag advice

Even a small gift creates a bond between the giver and the receiver. A tangible object gives the recipient something concrete to remind them of you and your positive interaction. That is why we have created so many unique low-cost items for you to give away. Some are for literature tables, while others are perfect for celebrations. Others are meant for you carry with you to give to friends, strangers, waiters and children that you meet.

The products and links on this page are for items that cost less than $2.00 each.  Most cost less than 50¢, so you can give them away to lots of people.

Scroll down to see examples of different kinds of products that you can buy in bulk at very low prices, or click on the following links to go directly to that category’s main page.

BookmarksStar Clips, and Character Growth Charts are all great gifts for kids, along with Stickers and Temporary Tattoos, and cost almost nothing.

Teaching-Cards – Some of these are for proclamation, while others have prayers and quotations that make them appropriate for different kinds of events, or for giving to friends facing challenges.

Post Cards and Post Card Booklets are bigger than a teaching card or bookmark, but easier to carry and more likely to be kept for a long time than a pamphlet.

For a little more, there are buttonsmirrors, magnets, awareness bracelets and coloring books. We even have rose-scented car air fresheners!

Of course, if you are hosting a literature table, you will want literature. Many of our booklets, such as The Secret of Happiness, A Gift of Prayers, Wings of Prayer and The Hidden Words feel more like gifts than religious tracts. They are more likely to end up on a night stand than in a trash can.

For a display at a health festival, try the Wooden Healing Coins. For giving to friends, carry our metal Prayer Coin Collection with prayers for healing, travel and difficulties.

Don’t forget that you can break apart sets like our Character Coins or Virtues Cards to create 52 low-cost individual gifts.

We even have pens priced below $1.00 and key chain lanyards for $1.95.

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