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Baha’i Postcards

Postcards are versatile so we offer several different types to meet different needs.  Use them as give-aways at proclamations, for mass-mailings, as invitations or Feast reminders, for personal correspondence, as gifts, or as memorization aids.  They are also colorful additions to crafts projects.

Postcards are designed and priced for proclamation.  You can print invitations or announcements on them, mail them, insert them into newspapers, and use them as gifts.  Most printers can print on the back of them, or you can write personal notes, or use rubber stamps or stickers to add your message. They are easy to carry and very durable.  If you are concerned about printing them, you can purchase the No Room postcards 4-up on a letter-size sheet to go through your printer, then cut them apart.

Packs -postcards in packs of all one design

Postcard Booklet – strip of postcards

Postcards printed in Spanish



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