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Maybe you’ve noticed that more and more of the materials we are producing are designed, not just to teach the Baha’i Faith, but to make being a Baha’i a joyful, inspiring, wonderful experience. Why is that?

When Abdu’l-Baha was at Green Acre he said:
“May everyone point to you and ask, ‘Why are these people so happy?’ I want you to be happy in Green Acre, to laugh, smile and rejoice in order that others may be made happy by you.” 

So watch for more products like our “You’re Wonderful” pens, our “You’re Loved” medallions, and our “Be infinitely kind” thank-you cards, and our new “Be the Sunshine” pens. And feel free to send in suggestions for more feel-good products. Because a happy Baha’i Community is a growing Baha’i Community.

Be the Sunshine Pen

The response to our “When you can’t SEE the Sunshine, BE the Sunshine” T-shirt was so positive that when I saw these brightly colored pens on sale, I knew exactly what I wanted to put on them. They are little drops of optimism and sunshine you can carry in your pocket.

Amanda Gorman’s magnificent inauguration poem, “The Hill We Climb” ended with these unforgettable words:
For there is always light,
if only we’re brave enough to see it.
If only we’re brave enough to be it.

Instantly, the idea of BEING the light we want to see entered the nation’s consciousness and spread like, well, like sunshine. It gave us all hope at the beginning of a time of transition. That makes these pens a conversation piece that can spark truly meaningful and uplifting conversations.

And since the imprint includes the words “The Baha’i Faith” you can guide the conversation whichever way you like.


Sunshine T in red

Here’s the Be the Sunshine T-shirt that inspired the pen. The little bee moves from place to place when I print them custom just for you.

We’ve created eight new uplifting T-shirt designs in the last 8 months. Visit our T-shirt Page to see them all. I know people aren’t getting out as much as usual, but when you do go out, it is more important than ever to spread hope, love and inspiration.  That’s a lot to ask of a T-shirt, but we think we succeed most of the time.

I think you’re WONDERFUL purple gel pen

I’ve just gotten in my third batch of I Think You’re Wonderful! pens since October.  These fine-point purple-ink gel pens will make you feel wonderful when you write with them, and even better when you give them to someone you care about.
They are great pens with smooth writing purple ink, a rubber grip and a cap with a clip. But because we’ve added our website below the slogan, we are selling them just above our cost.

A Wonderful T-shirt

May I tell you that you’re Wonderful? 

Why not carry the pens when you wear this T-shirt? It gives you a tangible way to tell people what they desperately need to hear.

I designed this shirt at the end of a “Bad News Day.” (They seemed to be coming fast and furious at the time.) I wanted to create something that would uplift and inspire people, and encourage them to interact on a higher level. This is what I came up with.

It prints in shimmery metallic gold ink, and asks a question that invites an answer that can start a conversation – or even a lifelong friendship.

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