Ridvan starts next week. I know, right?
And in the middle of it is Earth Day.
With Spring finally here, and more and more people vaccinated, many communities are going to be having outdoor holiday celebrations.
What better way to make waves than with an eight-foot long banner hanging from a park shelter?
I only have two dozen of these  28″x94″ Ridvan banners left. They were designed for community gatherings and can be used all twelve days of Ridvan. At only $24.95, that’s only $2 a day! And the Rose theme is appropriate for any Ridvan celebration you can come up with.

Speaking of roses, our Interfaith Rose Air Freshener makes a perfect Ridvan gift.

Interfaith air freshener
Interfaith air freshener

Roses and Ridvan always go well together. These two-sided rose-scented air fresheners are bulk-priced to make them easy to give to everyone in your community. They spread a message of love and the scent of roses at the same time!

Individually Wrapped

Our Cake and Craft Holiday Stencils include a Rejoice it’s Ridvan stencil that matches our banner. You can also use it to make cards or place settings. They are also on sale.

If you are doing anything for Earth Day, you will want these beautiful pamphlets that double as true works of art. We also have teaching cards with the same quotation.

Here’s a  fun word game you can play with our Character Building Blocks.
Move one letter from the upper word to the lower word without otherwise reordering the letters to make two new words.
In the top puzzle, the top word is a virtue. When you move one letter, the bottom word becomes a virtue!

The bottom puzzle I scraped together and almost didn’t finish!

Baha'i Word Puzzles Volume 2
Baha’i Word Puzzles Volume 2

If you enjoyed trying to puzzle out the above word game, you will love the second volume of Baha’i Word Puzzles. On sale for $4.75 we might as well be giving them away.

Speaking of “giving things away” our kindness cards for LSA’s to use to thank community members are back in stock – FREE if you use them for the intended purpose.

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