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Who are the Bahais Pamphlet


Who are the Bahais – is our best-selling pamphlet in English, and I think it is about to become our best selling pamphlet in Spanish as well!

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Who are the Bahais –  is our most popular pamphlet, and we are excited to announce a new 8-panel full-color edition using the same layout as our Spanish edition. The bolder title and bright colors, taken from the cover of our best-selling My Baha’i Faith are sure to attract even more attention.

It folds out to 22 inches, with full color graphics on each panel, including a list of Golden Rule quotations and the “One Light Many Lamps” design. The large type and pale blue background make it the easiest version to read.

When people approach a Baha’i booth, the question on their lips is “who are the Baha’is?” so their eyes and hands will naturally gravitate to this lovely pamphlet. It provides a simple and personal introduction to the Baha’i Community. The content is based on the script to the popular audio CD of the same name. The author’s research indicated that people are more willing to ask about the Baha’i Community than the Baha’i Religion. So he kept the focus personal. It explains the concept of Progressive Revelation and several Social Principles, and ends with an invitation to attend a fireside or find our more.

As a script, it can be read along with the tape and used to guide discussion at firesides. It can accompany tapes to libraries or be given to teachers. Keep copies of My Baha’i Faith around for anyone who wants more information.

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