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This is the audio fireside you’ve been waiting for, read by the author, Justice Saint Rain.


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This is the audio fireside you’ve been waiting for, read by the author, Justice Saint Rain.

For years, Baha’is have used the indirect approach to teaching because we were afraid that if we were clear about Baha’u’llah claim and Station, we would scare people away. And we were right – kind of. When we tell people about Baha’u’llah, we need to acknowledge their potential fear and address it with compassion and confidence. That is what this powerful audio fireside does.

It combines the middle section of the book My Baha’i Faith that has inspired many people to sign a declaration card on the spot, with the profound message of love from the booklet Tell Me About God’s Love for Me, and the clear summary of the principles from the teaching card Tell Me About Baha’u’llah.

It is read by the author in a very personal way that helps make the profound nature of Baha’u’llah’s claim feel less intimidating and more manageable. Because most American listeners will have some connection to Christianity, it explains Baha’u’llah’s station by relating it to the Christian concept of the Trinity. When telling Baha’u’llah’s life story, it continually relates it to parallel events in the life of Christ. In this way, the listener is constantly but gently challenged to see Baha’u’llah in the same light. By the end, it will be difficult for any fair-minded reader to conclude anything other than the fact that Baha’u’llah is, indeed the most recent Manifestation of God.

IMPORTANT: Before ordering, make sure you are signed in as a customer, or there won’t be anyplace to put the audio files. After completing your order, look for the “Downloads” link.  The full book is 11 Mp3 files averaging 6MB each. Total play time is about 100 minutes. Mp3 files do not play on most CD players. They are for listening to on your computer, ipod, or Mp3 player. You can download the same files up to four times for the same person. Because this was created for teaching, you are free to duplicate and share these files with any interested seekers.

If you aren’t sure how to listen to an Mp3 file, then buy the print booklet, as we do not offer technical support for this item. For the PRINT edition, click HERE.

BTW: you can get cheap Mp3 players for under $20 and ear buds to listen to Mp3 files. My wife got me one with software to let me convert all of my old CDs to digital files. I can carry 50 CDs worth of music in a thing the size of a matchbox. I don’t. But I could. I listen to the news on the road and Pandora when at home. We live in an amazing world.

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Read by Justice Saint Rain. Edited by my dear friend Lesa Morey, who also hosts CafeBahai, which has all sorts of additional downloadable audio files.


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