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After developing the Comprehensive Deepening Program in the late 1970s, the National Spiritual Assembly of the US launched the Personal Transformation Program, using facilitators and a workshop format to help people get the most out of the program. Sadly, after Daniel Jordan*, one of the main developers of the program, was killed, the entire program got shelved.

Facilitators were given worksheets, guidelines, and a set of audio cassettes to use when leading a group. Thanks to my friend, Carol Hudson, I was able to acquire copies of the tapes and most of the worksheets, and have put all of them on a thumb drive. There were six tapes, each of which was 10-15 minutes long, and there are 13 worksheets.  It fills about 1.5 gigabytes of a thumb drive.

I went through training to become a facilitator, but never got a chance to lead a workshop, so I don’t really remember how to use the materials I now have in hand.  But if YOU would like to use these materials – either to enhance your own study of the Comprehensive Deepening Program, or even to lead a workshop of your own – I am offering what I have on a USB thumb drive AT COST.  I don’t have anyone’s permission to sell any of this, but I figure that I should be allowed to send them to you for the price of a thumb drive. If not, this offer will disappear without notice.

Keep in mind that these are almost 50 years old at this point, so the social commentary on the tapes is a “little” dated, but the underlying principles are eternal. To be honest, the program looks pretty intense. If you were ever a PTP facilitator and can add helpful information to what I have, please contact me.

I do encourage you to order copies of the Comprehensive Deepening Program at the same time, and our normal $11.85 minimum still applies. One thumb drive per person, please. If too many people want them, I’ll have to order more thumb drives, so the price may fluctuate slightly.

*To learn more about Daniel Jordan and his many contributions to the Faith and the world, read A Most Remarkable Man.

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