Comfort Booklet Assortment


Four unique pocket-sized booklets to comfort the hearts and minds of your friends


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Four unique pocket-sized booklets to comfort the hearts and minds of your friends

In these difficult times, everyone is either facing trials or is close to someone who is. These four full-color fold-out booklets address the four universal tests that everyone faces – tests and difficulties, health problems, the death of a loved one, or feelings of unworthiness.

Carry these in your purse or pocket, and I guarantee you will find opportunities to share them with almost every person you have a conversation with. They will make it easy for you to “rejoice and cheer ye every heart” with tenderness and compassion. Their unique 14-panel design and beautiful backgrounds will make them treasured by their recipients, while their small size and low cot will make them easy to carry and give away.

The low-key presentation of the Faith focuses on comfort, not conversation, so they do not include Bahai contact information. Each is 4 1/4 x 3 1/4 and slips nicely into an envelope along with a card or as a card itself.

You can read more details about each of these Comfort Booklets, and purchase them individually in 10 and 50 packs by clicking the following links:

When You’re Down and Troubled,

In Search of Healing,

Neither Gone nor Forgotten and

Tell Me about God’s Love for Me.

Or buy them as a set here, and get a special price on 10 of each, or 50 of each.

“I love the specific pamphlets (the four-pack of foldouts) you sent because they’re so easy to read and so comforting! People will love them. I’m going to include them in my hand-delivered (to my neighbors in my high-rise) Christmas cards, if appropriate.” (a happy customer)

Concept and layout by Matthew Levine.  Compiled by Justice St Rain. Tell me About God’s Love for Me written by Justice St Rain.

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