Illumine My Heart T-Shirt

I have decided to discontinue all of my laser-print T-shirt designs, so I needed some new designs to replace them – especially for kids. I posted this idea on Face Book and the response was overwhelming, with almost 250 “likes” 130 comments and 20 shares.
We discussed shirt colors, gender preferences and virtue choices and came up with something that (almost) everyone loved.

I hope you do too.

Illumine My Heart T-shirt

Illumine my heart 
Inspired by an old translation of a favorite prayer, the design reminds us that it is our virtues that make our hearts shine. The design includes the names of 18 virtues radiating from a big red heart, creating a nine-pointed star.

Illumine my heart on yellow

Yellow is cheery and good for boys and girls. 
This shirt is like a ray of sunshine.

Size M on 60# 8-year-old

Black is very dramatic.
Right now, I offer it in White, Yellow and Black, in kid’s sizes and white and black in adult sizes. But as I run out of the white shirts I used with the laser transfers, I will be replacing them with Pink.

Illumine My Heart On Pink

Pink should be available around Ayyam-i-Ha.
I’m working on some other shirt ideas too – designed with boys in mind. As always, we welcome your ideas and suggestions.

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