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It is time to put the “Winter” side of our garden/door flag facing out to welcome all of your holiday guests – whether it is kids home from college,  family visiting from places afar, or neighbors singing carols. This “WeR1 (We are one) Family” four-seasons flag will make them feel right at home.

WeR1 Family Welcome Flag, Winter colors.

The Winter Colors are perfect for this time of year
The red, green, blue and white are the most dramatic of the four color combinations. They really add life to the gray, white and green winter landscape.

WeR1 Family 4-season Welcome Flag

This Flag Makes a Great Gift Any Time of Year
Since every season is represented, you don’t have to wait till spring to give this as a gift. If the ground is too hard to insert a stand then it can hang on a door instead.  12×18″ flag fits a standard stand (not included) available at most garden and craft stores.

WeR1 Family Welcome Flag, Summer colors.
WeR1 Family Welcome Flag, Fall colors.

One Flag – Four Seasons 

The unique construction of the flag allows either side to face forward, and it turns inside out to reveal a total of four different color schemes – one for each season.

WeR1 Family Welcome Flag, Spring colors.

A Playful Presentation of a Message of Unity

Our WeR1 design has been one of our most popular for years. It was inspired by Robert Indiana’s LOVE design. That subconscious reference – along with the playful use of negative space, letters and numbers to write the message – all give it an upbeat playful feel. It is welcoming from top to bottom.

Everybody welcome flag front
Everybody welcome flag front
We have many ways to make people feel Welcome
For some, the “No Room in My Heart for Prejudice” yard sign covers are too direct, while our beautiful “Welcome Everybody” garden and door flags (above) are too subtle.

WeR1 Family is in that Goldilocks spot, where people who want to take it universally will, and those who don’t can pretend it is about your personal family. Let them. But show such love to everyone in your neighborhood that they will WANT to feel part of your family, whatever color or background you each are.

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