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Even a small gift creates a bond between the giver and the receiver. A tangible object gives the recipient something concrete to remind them of you and your positive interaction. That is why we have created so many unique low-cost items for you to give away. Some are for literature tables, while others are perfect for celebrations. Others are meant for you carry with you to give to friends, strangers, waiters and children that you meet.

The products and links on this page are for items that cost less than $2.00 each.  Most cost less than 50¢, so you can give them away to lots of people.

Scroll down to see examples of different kinds of products that you can buy in bulk at very low prices, or click on the following links to go directly to that category’s main page.

BalloonsBookmarksStar Clips, and Character Growth Charts are all great gifts for kids, along with Stickers and Temporary Tattoos, and cost almost nothing.

Teaching-Cards – Some of these are for proclamation, while others have prayers and quotations that make them appropriate for different kinds of events, or for giving to friends facing challenges.

Post Cards and Post Card Booklets are bigger than a teaching card or bookmark, but easier to carry and more likely to be kept for a long time than a pamphlet.

For a little more, there are buttonsmirrors, magnets, awareness bracelets and coloring books. We even have rose-scented car air fresheners!

Of course, if you are hosting a literature table, you will want literature. Many of our booklets, such as The Secret of Happiness, A Gift of Prayers, Wings of Prayer and The Hidden Words feel more like gifts than religious tracts. They are more likely to end up on a night stand than in a trash can.

For a display at a health festival, try the Wooden Healing Coins. For giving to friends, carry our metal Prayer Coin Collection with prayers for healing, travel and difficulties.

Don’t forget that you can break apart sets like our Character Coins or Virtues Cards to create 52 low-cost individual gifts.

We even have pens priced below $1.00 and key chain lanyards for $1.95.

  • SKU: cr-vc
    This set of 52 wooden Character Coins will help you focus on the virtues you want to develop in yourself and in your children. Sold in a cloth bag along with a list of definitions. $34.95
  • SKU: bkt-oh
    Ocean of Healing is a compilation of Baha'i Writings that will comfort you and your friends when you are facing health challenges. Note that I said "when," not "if." All of us face health issues eventually, which is why this booklet is so universally appreciated. Keep a stack of them handy, because if you wanted to, you could give out two or three a week without even trying. Everyone gets sick.
  • SKU: jy-35
    Each coin contains the complete text of the short healing prayer divided between the two sides.
  • SKU: gc-bvc
    A Baha'i Edition of the popular Virtues Cards in a satin pouch. This deck of 52 virtues cards is not only a handy reference guide, but by focusing on a different card every day or every week, you will quickly gain a greater understanding of the path to God. Each card contains a spiritual quote, the meaning of the virtue, how to practice the virtue and an affirmation. Ours come with a satin pouch for storage.
  • Ways to Praise Cards

    SKU: mtc-52
    Both a teaching card and a personal reference, the ways to praise card to help you and your friends find just the right words to use to encourage the development of virtues at home, at school and in the work place. The front lists 46 positive qualities under the six character strengths developed by the Positive Psychology movement. Their research suggests that developing these strengths will help people become happier and healthier, and I couldn’t agree more. It is an example of science and religion agreeing on the same principles for different reasons. The back explains the importance of making praise specific and offers sample phrases that you can practice using to make your words of encouragement more effective.
  • Character Growth Chart

    SKU: cr-gc
    Kids will love showing off how tall they’ve grown, and parents will appreciate the free chart and the emphasis on character.
  • Hidden Words Mini-Book

    SKU: bkt-hw
    The Hidden Words and Selected Writings of Baha'u'llah This edition is exceptional because: (a) It is very pretty. (b) The type is larger and easier to read than many. (c) It opens with a welcoming invitation. (d) The cover & invitation mention other religions. (e) It includes extra pages of prayers, quotations, history & principles. (f) It is bulk priced at 1/5th the price of regular editions and 1/2 the cost of other pocket editions. (g) I offer free advice on how to use this edition for teaching. (h) It matches our prayer book, for a handsome gift set.
  • SKU: bkt-bp
    Only $1.25 each in quantities, this is the prayer book that was given to visitors at the Bahá'í House of Worship in Wilmette for several years. It has a beautiful cover, a great introduction, a full table of contents, and over 100 prayers and quotations.
  • SKU: jyab-if
    Our first two awareness bracelets have been such a hit that we've added our popular interfaith theme to the line. This is the Peace be with you awareness bracelet. White lettering on purple, it includes repeating symbols for eight religions around the back of the band.
  • SKU: jyab-211
    World Citizen Awareness Bracelets let people know that you feel like you are a citizen of the world. You believe in the fundamental unity of all people.
  • SKU: BL-20
    World Citizen design printed on deep translucent colors, including blue, green, purple and red. This is a good choice for events like international festivals and parties. world citizen balloons come in packs of 50 for $20
  • Coexist Bookmarks

    Coexist Bookmarks Bookmarks are considered thoughtful gifts, and our low bulk pricing means you can give them out to everyone in your organization, or whoever passes by your display. This two-sided Coexist bookmark places the stark black & white design against a bright rainbow background to draw maximum attention when placed on an information table.
  • Wooden Healing Coins

    SKU: cr-35
    If you like our Healing Prayer teaching cards, you are going to love these easy-to-carry, durable wooden medallions that have the short healing prayer printed on them.
  • SKU: cr-pc
    What Fun! These colorful wire stars are great conversation pieces. They can be used as paper clips to attach teaching cards to books and pamphlets, and to hold Assembly minutes together, but with a little imagination, they can do so much more.
  • SKU: tt-ast
    10 temporary tattoo assortment pack Unlike the ones they get in cereal boxes, or in candy bars, these temporary tattoos present a positive message that parents will be happy to have their kids wearing.
  • SKU: GC-252BM
    You will find a hundred ways to use the clever, little, virtue angel gift card.  It starts as as a 2 3/4 x 11" bookmark-style sheet that can be folded into thirds to make a 2 3/4 x 3 3/4 card.  The top panel has a dancing angel in full color and says "You're an angel! The middle panel has a short prayer for spiritual qualities, and the bottom panel has the this quotation "I beg of God that ye be bringers of joy, even as are the angels in heaven" by Abdul-Baha. On the back is a list of 52 Ways to Be an Angel, that can be checked off to acknowledge appropriate qualities.  There is even room at the bottom to write a note or add your own virtue.
  • World Citizen Stickers

    SKU: st-21
    World Citizen stickers are simple and classy. They come in rolls of 100 or 1000. The stickers are 2 1/4 inches in diameter.
  • SKU: air-1
    The front of this interfaith air freshener says “A Rose is beautiful in whatsoever garden it may bloom.”  The back has the interfaith rosette. Together they make a powerful statement about the oneness of religion. Use them as a subtle teaching tool that will literally “hang around” for a long time, or just use them yourself to create a more soothing atmosphere.
  • Prayer Coin Collection

    SKU: jy-pc
    Get an assortment of our popular prayer coins at a special price.
  • SKU: cb-abc
    This coloring book works on so many different levels. First of all, it is a fun coloring book with pretty star patterns that children (and adults) of all ages will enjoy . Second, those pretty stars are made out of letters, so it teaches the alphabet AND character recognition in different fonts and at different angles. Third, it teaches virtues.
  • SKU: jy-45
    Give these to anyone who is about to go on a trip, friends who commute, or anyone with a car or who likes to travel.
  • SKU: pc-gr
    People absolutely love the praying children version of the Golden Rule, and these postcards are the easiest, most durable, most affordable way to spread the message to thousands. Print local information on the back, or hand them out blank and let the message speak for itself. 4.25x6" full-color post cards on high-gloss stock
  • SKU: pn-36
    Twelve, yes, twelve different floral designs grace these beautiful stick pens that say "We are flowers of one garden - The Bahá'í Faith - - 1-800-22-unite"
  • SKU: bn-assn
    This is an assortment of our buttons that DO NOT say Baha'i. 2 1/4" diameter
  • SKU: bn-21M
    Looking for something low-cost to give to all of the members of your organization, or to visitors to your information table? These mini versions of our popular World Citizen Buttons are less than half the size and only 1/3 the cost of our regular buttons, but they still carry a planet-sized message. Priced as low as 30¢ each, you can afford to give them out by the hundred, and everyone who wears one will be a walking billboard for your organization.
  • SKU: BKT-36
    The Secret of Happiness is a quick read that is non-intimidating. It is also extremely affordable when you want to give them away by the hundred (which you will). The booklet explains the direct connection between happiness and the expression of God's virtues. This is formatted as a gift book, with framed quotations on every-other page and a full-color cover. It's 4x6 size fits nicely in a greeting card envelop so you can send it to friends on happy occasions. By Justice St Rain
  • Postcard Booklet Set

    SKU: pcbk-set
    Not sure which postcard booklet you need? Try one of each for a special low price. That's 18 unique 4x6" cards in three fold-out strips that can be cut apart or glued together to make a single full-color board book. You get THREE strips of SIX cards (that's 18 cards) for only $7.50 .
    Organized by religion rather than by topic, it includes beliefs about prayer from the six major world religions, appropriate clip-art of Holy Places and symbols, and a diverse selection of representative prayers for each religion. The section on Bahá'í prayers includes a brief description of the Faith and Bahá'u'lláh, some writings on the unity of religion, and several of your favorite prayers. It would make an excellent first-exposure introduction.
  • SKU: fan-8n
    The fan itself announces (on both sides) "no room in my heart for prejudice." It does not say "Baha'i, so it can be used for interfaith events, and has the Interfaith Resources web site.
  • SKU: bkt-224
    Four unique pocket-sized booklets to comfort the hearts and minds of your friends
  • SKU: mtc-36
    The prayer touches the heart of everyone who reads it, and the graphic is beautiful and uplifting. Consider giving it out as a package with the booklet The Secret of Happiness. This design is also available as a postcard.

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