Cuddle Bunny


While the end is finally in sight, a year of pandemic worries has gotten most of us a bit stressed. Imagine, then, what our kids and grandkids are feeling. They don’t have the maturity and coping skills that we’ve spent a lifetime developing.

Cuddlebunnies can help. More than just another fuzzy toy, Cuddlebunny teaches kids how to regulate their own emotions when they are worried, stressed or upset.

Cuddle Bunny
Cuddlebunny with coins, pouch & instructions

Cuddlebunny is a 4″ fuzzball with ears that comes with four wooden “comfort coins.” They utilize three scientifically proven techniques that kids can use to:
1) calm themselves down when they are angry or upset
2) help them gather their courage when they are afraid
3) let them feel loved when they are lonely, and
4) make them feel wonderful when they are embarrassed or ashamed.

Brave, Wonderful, Loved & Calm Wooden Comfort Coins

The three techniques are:
1) The calming sensory stimulation of the soft cuddlebunny
2)  The repetitive motion of rubbing the coin that helps burn off nervous energy
3)  The power of positive affirmations that give kids the confidence they need to face their challenges.

The coins come in a velour pouch along with a card of instructions. Both are clipped to Cuddlebunny by a chain and clip that can also attach to a backpack, purse or belt loop.

Front & Back of Cuddlebunny Instruction Card

Cuddlebunny comes with a 2-sided instruction card for the kids (shown), and a parent’s insert for the adults, making it an educational gift for everyone.

Adult Affirmation Comfort Coins

The CuddleBunnies were designed for kids four and up, but young kids aren’t the only ones who are feeling stressed. While it is true that most adults have learned a few useful coping mechanisms, that doesn’t mean that the three tools facilitated by the CuddleBunnies can’t also be used by adults and older children. That’s why we created our Adult Affirmation Comfort Coins. They come in a soft velvet pouch that is almost as soft as the CuddleBunny. Inside are seven affirmation coins to address the sources of stress that we adults often face.

Character Coins 2
Character Coins 2

52 different virtues is a great collection for expanding your vocabulary of virtues. Meditate on one a week, or choose a different one every day. They also make nice token gifts.
But… they are a bit much for carrying around with you. Our set of 7 adult comfort coins are more focused on the virtues you need in order to stay calm and open when facing every day challenges.

Cover of 2021 Multifaith Calendar

The New Gregorian Year is almost upon us, and we still have a few MultiFaith Wall Calendars. I’ve put them on sale at 10% off this week. Grab one before they are gone.

Well-Being of All

If you (or a friend on FaceBook) think that the only thing Baha’u’llah has to say about ending poverty is that the rich should voluntarily share their wealth, then this book will be an eye-opener.  In addition to the handful of well-known statements about being “created rich” or “tell the rich of the midnight sighing of the poor,” this comprehensive compilation includes little-known statements concerning redistribution of wealth, taxation, profit sharing, tyranny, and the importance of work as worship. Many important sections are from relatively new statements by the Baha’i International Community.

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