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We’ve been selling 9-pointed Star Cookie Cutters for over 20 years! So it was surprising to receive a note from someone saying they had been Baha’i all their lives and had been looking for cookie cutters for years and didn’t know where to find them!

Please, everyone, tell your friends about our cookie cutters! They will thank you. I will thank you. Every Baha’i party in your community will thank you.  We even ship them internationally.

Cookies Build Community

Cookies Build Community

When I was a kid, my favorite part of Easter was not the egg hunt, but the egg decorating. Preparing for holidays is just as important as the holiday itself. Baking cookies together, as a family or as a community, is a way to create a holiday tradition that children will remember and look forward to every year.

By Danna Ness

Cookie decorating can accommodate a wide range of skills and still end up with a very fun and tasty cookie. If the first batch doesn’t look fantastic, eat it and do another!

At the other end of the spectrum, cookie decorating can be a fine art. Last week, I went on FaceBook and asked people to send me pictures of cookies they had made. I got some mind-blowing examples – including the one you see above, by dessert artist Danna Ness (click to see more of her work).  A cookie is like a tiny blank canvas. Let your imagination go wild, or visit our cookie cutter page for over a dozen more decorating ideas.

After posting some of these beautiful examples on my cookie cutter page, I realized that for every dozen pictures of cookies I have, I only have one picture of a cake made using our cake stencils. Our cake stencils will allow you to do some of the kinds of things shown in the above picture – and a whole lot more.

Individually Wrapped
Brownie w/ powdered sugar

So I’m offering a $5 coupon for anyone who sends me a picture of a dessert or craft using our cake stencils that we post on our site. 
This is just one of the stencil designs you get. There are smaller stencils at the corner of this design, and a second sheet with holiday greeting stencils.
I would love to see samples of cakes, cookies, cards and crafts. We asked for photos once before, but the stencils were new and few people had them yet. Now there are hundreds of them out there, so I’m hoping to get some great samples. This one was by Lua Lawrence.

Stamped but not iced
My Favorite

Here you can see how the optional stamps create beautiful patterns that look great as they are, and fantastic with added tinted icing.

By Danna Ness

Some more designs by Danna Ness that show that, with a steady hand and some planning, you can make beautiful patterns without the stamps.

A quick and easy way to decorate a truckload of cookies.

Cookie Cutters
Cookie Cutters

Go simple with sugar sparkles, or fancy with royal icing and candy pearls. It is hard to know which is more fun, decorating them or eating them!

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