Christmas Gifts

Don’t be embarrassed. Most of us still have Christian family and friends that EXPECT us to participate in holiday activities. In the interest of maintaining unity, I encourage you to go with the flow. That often means bringing a present. That might mean a small token “gift exchange” present, or a major “prove you love me” present for an in-law. In either case, we have you covered. Here are some gift ideas that are appropriate for people of any religion. Most are easy to mail.

Adult Affirmation Comfort Coins

Our Adult Affirmation Comfort Coins were new last year, and arrived just in time to help us all deal with the stress of 2020.
An “under $10” unisex gift, it will help adults of any background reduce their stress level and build their spiritual strengths.
Rub the coin and say the affirmation until you feel calm, brave, loved, forgiving, powerful, thankful and wonderful.
Instructions included, they now come in a soft velvet pouch you can hold against your cheek while you say the affirmation.

Cuddle Bunny
Cuddlebunny with coins, pouch & instructions

Our Cuddlebunny is the kid’s version of the Adult Comfort Coins. It includes fewer virtues, but adds a soft, cuddly fuzzball to hold onto when you are stressed.  It looks like a toy, but it is actually an educational tool, so it is a great Christmas gift for grandchildren. You are never too young to learn to self-regulate your strong emotions.

This “I Think You’re WONDERFUL” pen is an affordable addition for a gift bag, or as a thank-you for postal carriers and others that deserve a token gift. At $.75 each, you could give them out like candy.

Interfaith In Our Home Yard Sign Cover Front

Our Interfaith Yard Sign Covers are great gifts for like-minded friends. During the winter, they can hang on the door instead of being mounted on a yard sign.  They certainly spread the Christmas Spirit!

Write complete sentences
Write complete sentences

Virtues capture the true meaning of Christmas 

Looking for a gift that serves a higher purpose? We have materials that put character development front and center – from refrigerator magnets for kids, to coloring books for adults. Click here to see thirty different gift ideas that teach the vocabulary of virtues.

Comfort & Healing Booklet

Looking for something more serious?
When you just can’t stand to watch another TV show, we’ve got inspirational and gift books for just about every taste. 

Or more expensive?
Our silk scarves have 9-pointed stars on them, but that won’t matter to your Christian relatives when they see how beautiful they are, and feel how soft they are against their skin.

Cover of 2021 Multifaith Calendar

Just a reminder: Calendars & Datebooks are in 
The Multifaith Calendar makes a great gift at the end of the year.

Other gifts ideas:
If I listed everything we have that is gift-worthy, it would go on forever. Instead, here is a link to our gift idea page. Enjoy.

Oh, and feel free to bookmark it for when Ayyam-i-Ha rolls around!

If you’ve read this far, then this week’s secret gift is a sample comfort coin – either from our Character Coin collection, or one of the Adult Affirmation Comfort Coins described at the top of this page. Just type “free coin” in the comments field before you check out.

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