Bicentenary 2019

The Bicentenary Celebration is less than 8 weeks away. I am already running out of some items to help your celebration and there isn’t time to reprint most of them. So plan ahead and order soon.

Click on any of the links or pictures to see all of our Bicentenary materials, from pamphlets to party booklets, from pens to posters.

I’ve already run out of my Bicentenary Buttons, so to compensate, I’m lowering the price on my lapel pins by 20%. They are now as low as $4 each.
I still have some pens, but do not have time to reprint them. They make dignified gifts for special guests.
Commemorative Medallions were very popular two years ago. These are silver instead of gold-colored to distinguish them from the others. They will be a durable memento of this special occasion.  I only have a few hundred left, and there isn’t time to reprint, so they will be gone soon. 
Our Bicentenary pamphlet for the Birth of the Bab is even prettier than the one for Baha’u’llah, and it coordinates nicely with the folder that National produced. I will be reprinting this at least once more, but I will plan on running out before the big day, so don’t wait.
I have also run out of the large 4×4′ backdrop banner, but I still have the two flags with the Names of Baha’u’llah and the Bab. They will look good on a stage and add color to any display.

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