Thank you for your Excellent Service

Thank you for your excellent service

It has become common to thank those in the armed forces for their service to their country. They are doing something many of us would not want to do and it shows that we respect their sacrifice and willingness to more than many others are doing.

I feel that same appreciation every time I see someone go that extra mile for another. I feel this appreciation in even the most ordinary circumstances. For example, there is that one waitress in the crowded restaurant who seems to care about doing a good job more than they do about their sore feet. Servicing people can be a hard job and people who do an excellent job, even in tough circumstances deserve our appreciation. I want to let them know that I noticed them going above whatever pay they are getting. So I carry these wallet cards and when I see someone doing an excellent job and appearing to be under-appreciated, I leave one of these cards behind for them to find later.

It makes me feel good as well. I learn to notice the good in others more readily. I feel I not only showing appreciation, but I am becoming a person who can see the good in others more readily.

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