three prayer for protection medallions
three prayer for protection

The good news is that there are now TWO promising new vaccines that appear to be very effective against the Corona virus. The bad news is that the next 8 weeks or so, while we wait for the vaccines to become widely available, could be extremely dangerous.
What better time to surround yourself with prayers of protection?

I’ve gotten several orders for the Bab’s Prayer for Protection Dog Tags this week. It is shown with the Prayer for Travelers coin and the Trust in God/Remover of Difficulties coin.

The Healing Prayer Coin, which is available in both  metal and wood, is especially appropriate right now. Give them to all of your friends. Usually, I say to give them to friends who are not feeling well, but these days, EVERYONE needs a healing prayer in their pocket.

Armed with the power
Armed with the power

Armed with the power of Thy name, Nothing Can Ever Hurt Me… 

This pendant has also been very popular this week. It is a constant reminder that, no mater how scary things may get, God is in control and love for him will protect you.

Ocean of Healing
Ocean of Healing

“Protect the bearer of this blessed Tablet, and whoso reciteth it, and whoso cometh upon it, and whoso passeth around the house wherein it is….” 
Did you know that we included the Long Healing Prayer at the end of our booklet The Ocean of Healing? It is a prayer for healing and protection. That is why we included it – in hopes that we could help protect thousands of families by placing this book in their homes.
The rest the booklet contains other beautiful prayers and writings about health and healing. It is a wonderful gift for anyone you are worried about.

Healing, Assistance and the Afterlife.
I know I keep talking about these things, but until this pandemic is over, healing, assistance and the afterlife are going to be what everyone will be thinking about every single day. Baha’is have a unique perspective on these things, and Special Ideas has unique materials to help you share that perspective in a friendly, beautiful and non-threatening way.

Promise of Peace
Promise of Peace

One last question: I ran out of The Promise of World Peace a year or so ago, and since it is 35 years old and interest in it has waned, I had not planned on reprinting it. Recently I’ve received a few requests for it. If I DO reprint it, I won’t be able to print the 20,000 copies that I usually do in order to keep the price down. Instead of $1 or less each, they will cost around $2 each –  a little less in bulk.
Would you still be interested in buying some at that price, and if so, how many?
Note: this is my edition with the full text in black and a running summary in blue in the margins. It has the popular “Nine Ways to Work for Peace” on the back cover.

Thank you again, for reading through to the end of this newsletter. This week’s Secret Gift for my most loyal readers is a free wooden healing coin if you write “healing coin” in the comments section of your order.

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