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As you read The Man Who Sent the Magi you will discover that this Zarathustra, who so little is known about, was the reason for the freeing of the Jews from Babylon by by Cyrus II, his Grandson many times removed, who did so for the simple reason that God would be pleased.

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Thief in the Night – The Case of the Missing Millennium is the  all-time favorite book about Christian Prophecy and the Baha’i Faith just got a new cover that is sure to intrigue your friends.

The problem: In the first half of the nineteenth century there was world-wide and fervent expectation that during the 1840’s the return of Christ would take place. The story made the headlines and even reached the Congress of the United States. From China and the Middle East to Europe and America, men of conflicting ideas shared in the expectancy. Scoffers were many but the enthusiasm was tremendous, and all agreed on the time. Why? And what became of the story? Did anything happen or was it all a dream?

The solution: Patiently, and with exemplary thoroughness, William Sears set out to solve this mystery. In ‘Thief in the Night’ he presents his fully detailed ‘conduct of the case’ in an easy style which enthuses the reader with the excitement of the chase. The solution to which all the clues lead comes as a tremmendous challenge.

This is a mystery story with a difference: ‘the mystery is a real one,’ and of vital importance to every human being. The author presents the evidence in ‘The Case of the Missing Millennium’, in such a way that you can solve it for yourself.

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Thief in the Night –  The Case of the Missing Millennium

by William Sears

5 x 7″

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  1. Bruce

    I first read this in 1971 when I became a Baha’i and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I borrowed it from the small library that the LSA maintained and never had my own copy. I have been rereading some of the books I read during my early years as a Baha’i and since I didn’t have a copy of this I had to purchase a new one.

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