On Wings of the Soul Songbook


These songs can be used for Feasts, Holy Days, Devotions, Children’s Classes, or simply for personal enjoyment.  After all, even one voice lifted in the privacy of your chamber will send sweet-scented melodies into the world.


The Community that Sings together Takes Wing together!

There is NO better way to build community unity than to sing songs of joy and praise together.  It is the easiest and most pleasant way to practice virtues as a group – creating harmony, beauty and cooperation, practicing listening skills, being open and vulnerable, sharing, and developing excellence.  Having a shared experience of God’s virtues is what creates intimacy and trust.

Yes, your community can experience all of this – for the price of a song.  But first, it needs some good songs to practice with, and this songbook has over 130 delightful places to start.  Here you will find old favorites and new gems, organized by title, theme, artist, author and use.  Each song provides the piano score and lyrics, plus guitar chords with fingering.  Still intimidated? Go to their website and download the piano tunes as Mp3 files that you can sing along with.

These songs can be used for Feasts, Holy Days, Devotions, Children’s Classes, or simply for personal enjoyment.  After all, even one voice lifted in the privacy of your chamber will send sweet-scented melodies into the world.

With On Wings of the Soul in your community, it will be easy and inspiring to “make a joyful noise unto the Lord.”  Buy one for your music coordinator, or buy enough so everyone can be within eyesight of one – about one for every three people in your community.  In the long run it is cheaper to buy the whole book than to make copies that come apart and get out of order.  (Plus it is copyrighted, and Baha’is obey laws.)

Compiled by Elaine Losey and Beth King-Mock, with additional artwork by Elaine Losey.  Spiral bound to lay flat for easy sharing.

Weight 1.25 lbs

Book Information

On Wings of the Soul songbook – a songbook of Bahai inspired music

8 1/2 x 11″

compiled by Elaine Losey & Beth King-Mock

published by Heartfelt Connections

Songs Included

Here’s a list of the songs:


Abdu’l-Baha Elaine Losey 15

Ali, You Are the Bab Brice Taylor 16

Allah-Hummah (in Arabic) Bijan Khadem-Missagh 17

Angels of Fire and Snow Joan Lincoln 18

Arise Ye Under All Conditions KJ Cruz Hinson 25

At the Gate of the Garden Joan Lincoln 20

Bab Has Opened Up the Gate Treneater C. Horton 21

Babala Gumbala (African) Unknown 22

Baha’i Fund Song Mimi McClellan 23

Baha’u’llah Creadell Haley 24

Baha’u’llah’s Birthday Mimi McClellan 25

Be Thou Content With Me Leona Hosack 26

Benediction Louise R Waite 27

Blessed is the Spot Elizabeth Hahn 28

Building Me a Home Unknown 30

Cause Me to Taste The Divine Sweetness Van Gilmer 31

Come Seek Baha’u’llah  Cindy Van Kley 32

Consultation Mimi McClellan 33

Dance Goes On Unknown 33

Declarant’s Welcome Song Treneater C. Horton 34

Did You Ever Wonder Susan Engle 35

Down Down Elisa Brown 36

Eve Song Brice Taylor 37

Fellowship Fellowship Unknown 38

Fill Thou, O God, My Home George Townshend 39

Forgive Each Other Wiley Rinaldi 40

Fort Tabarsi Jeanne (Murday) Foust 42

Fort Tabarsi Chant (in Arabic) Dr. Muhajir 44

Fruits of One Tree Unknown 43

Give Us Peace Beth King-Mock 44

Give Us Unity John Martin 45

God’s Creatures Wiley Rinaldi 48

God Is Sufficient unto Me (in Arabic) Price/Fani 46

God Is Sufficient unto Me Kerry McCord 47

Good Morning Sun Babcock/Christian 45

Good Neighbors Come in All Colors Dick Grover 49

Guide My Steps Aright Elika Mahony

Haji Suliman Khan Grossman/Quails 53

Hawaiian Unity Song Unknown 50

He Who Puts His Trust Unknown 54

Healing Prayer Elaine Losey 55

His First Counsel Losey/King-Mock 56

His First Counsel Wiley Rinaldi 57

Hold Thou My Hand, ‘Abdu’l-Baha Gloria Faizi 58

Hollow Reed Lincoln/Townshend 59

Hollow Reed II Taylor/Townshend 59

Huququ’llah Song Elaine Losey 60

I Adjure Thee By Thy Might Beth King-Mock 61

I Am, O My God, But a Tiny Seed Elaine Losey 62

I Have Breathed Within Thee Unknown 63

I Have Detached Myself From my Kindred Beth King-Mock 64

I Have Found Baha’u’llah Esther Moncho 65

I Love You (Huna Lullaby) Gary Sterling 65

I Think You’re Wonderful Red Grammer 66

I Want to be Happy Losey/King-Mock 67

In This Day Baha’u’llah Frederick Ward 68

Intercalary Days, Happy and Merry Betty Crow 69

Intone, O My Servant Cindy Van Kley 69

I’ve Got the Baha’i Spirit Unknown 70

Joy (A Round) Nancy Ward 70

Ka Pule O Ka Moana Nui – Prayer of the Pacific (in Hawaiian) King-Mock/Sperry 72

Kindness to Animals Wiley Rinaldi 75

King of Kings Unknown 71

Kingdoms of God Marinell Rhine 74

Let Thy Heart Be Dilated Tara Ellis 77

Look At Me, Follow Me Jackie Elliot 78

Look At Me, Follow Me Elliot/Price 80

Love Me That I May Love Thee Creadell Haley 71

Love, Love, Love Creadell Haley 78

Magic Penny Malvina Reynolds 79

Make Me More Like You Engle and Marks 82

Manifestations of God Vali Edwards 83

Mele Lokahi O Hawai’i (Unity Song) Unknown 51

Morning Prayer Lenz/Cameron/Sheper 84

Muhajier, Persian Pioneer Song Unknown 86

My Love is My Stronghold Wiley Rinaldi

My Love is My Stronghold Losey/King-Mock 83

Naw Ruz is Here Unknown 85

O Baha’u’llah Dahl/Field 88

O God! Educate These Children Unknown 89

O God, Guide Me Van Gilmer 90

Oh Lord I Adore Thee Unknown 91

Open Thou the Door Unknown 92

Patience Susan Engle 93

Peace is on the Way Unknown 94

Pearl Prayer for Children Unknown 96

Plea for One World Russ Garcia 97

Pomaika’i – Blessed is the Spot (in Hawaiian) Young/Bal 98

Prayer for the Western States Red Grammer 100

Prayer for Youth Jena Taghvai 99

Prefer Your Brother  Wiley Rinaldi 102

Queen of Carmel Jeanne (Murday) Foust 103

Refresh and Gladden My Spirit Elaine Losey 104

Remover of Difficulties Tom Price 105

Remover of Difficulties (in Arabic) Linda Safajou 106

Remover of Difficulties (in Eng & Arabic) Ren Toppano 107

Rose Garden Prayer Tim Urbanya 108

Royal Falcon Parrish/Toppano 110

Say God Sufficeth Tom Price 109

Say God Sufficeth Maui Baha’is 109

See Me Beautiful Red Grammer 112

Seven Martyrs of Tehran Grant Hindin Miller 113

Shine Your Light on Me, Baha’u’llah Greg Dahl 114

Sign of Love Leona Hosack 121

Sing a Song of Feasts Mimi McClellan 115

Singing Wind Phyllis Day 116

Siyahumb’e (African) Unknown 117

Soon Will All That Dwell On Earth Van Gilmer 118

Soy Baha’i Unknown 105

Strive Joe Crone 119

Tahirih Mary Davis 122

Teach Us of Thy Unity Unknown 120

Teach, Teach, Teach  Unknown 121

Teaching Peace Red Grammer 124

Tell the Truth Rinaldi/Vanegas 125

That is How Baha’is Should Be Kai Losey 126TITLE ARTIST PAGE

Thine Eye is My Trust Gregory Shaw 127

Thoko Zani Ben Dlamini 128

Three Wives of Abraham Unknown 129

Unity Prayer Jack Bullion 130

We Are Baha’i Children Unknown 131

We Are One in the Spirit Unknown 132

We Are The People of Baha  Donna Taylor 133

We Have Come to Sing Praises Van Gilmer 134

We Shall Not Fail Unknown 135

What Mankind Has to Learn Creadell Haley 136

When the Victory Arriveth Southeast Baha’i Youth 137

Whoso Ariseth Margaret Embers McGee 138

Whoso Seeketh Me David Gregory 138

Will You Give Your Life Joan Lincoln 139

With Two Wings Red Grammer 140

Wonderful Brice Taylor 141

World, World, World Unknown 142

Ya Baha’u’l-Abha Dunbar/Kinney 144

Ye Are the Stars in the Heaven Unknown 143

You Must Become Distinguished Leona Hosack 146

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  1. Jane

    Saw some I’m familiar with and was really happy to have the notes to play them. Want to learn some of the new ones too.

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