Love Peace and Unity Silk Scarf


Our 100% silk chiffon “Love, Peace & Unity” scarf has a hand-rolled hem, the sign of a truly high-quality scarf.


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Are you playful, yet sophisticated? Our 100% silk chiffon Love, Peace and Unity scarf is the perfect balance of upscale fashion and cheerful enthusiasm. The “Hand” design by Carrie Norton has been one of our most popular T-shirts, but you shouldn’t have to be T-shirt casual to be this happy! At 6-foot by 15-inches, this scarf is just a little wider than some of our others, to make room for all of the hand prints. Each hand has a smiling sun, a moon, stars, flowers, clouds, and the words Peace, Love and Unity in a watercolor design. The blue-to-yellow-to-pink background gradient means that it will complement just about any bright or pastel color you want to wear.

The hand design has a hand-rolled hem, the sign of a truly high-quality scarf. If you are looking for something upscale for a young person’s wardrobe, this would make a great gift. Its light weight makes it easy to send anywhere in the world. We will even drop-ship orders to multiple friends for you!

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