Door Knob Invitation Pamphlets


These can be used as pamphlets at literature tables, or left on door knobs when you go out to invite neighbors to core activities.

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These can be used as pamphlets at literature tables, or left on door knobs when you go out to invite neighbors to core activities.

Just because no one is home when you make a home visit or walk through a neighborhood doesns’t mean that you legwork has to go to waste! Leave these beautiful invitations hanging on their door knob, and if the spirit of the Faith touches their hearts, then they will give you a call. If it doesns’t – well, no harm, no foul. These door hangers are carefully phrased to spread the teachings of the Faith without actually saying the word “Baha’i.” This way, people who like what they read will be inspired to call, but those who aren’t won’t hold it against us. Your Assembly can consult on whether to add the name Baha’i or just a phone number in the space at the bottom. Priced less than a first-class stamp, they are an elegant and economical way to reach an entire neighborhood. Make sure you actually have (or are willing to start) the activities described on the invitation before using them. Also check for local ordinances concerning the distribution of literature on door knobs.

Note that if you are using these as pamphlets, you will want to write, stamp or add a sticker with the name of the Faith as well as the appropriate contact information.

Front says:

If You Believe…there is only One Loving Creator, Who is beyond our capacity to imagine, yet Who is known by many names and is spoken of in every religion…

And If You See…His Divine Spirit reflected in the wondrous virtues that He placed within every human heart…

Then You May sorry to have missed us as we are to have missed you!

Back says:

If you want to find out more, you don’t have to wait for our return. Call us for . . .

Introductory Meetings – Come ask us the burning questions of your heart.

Devotional Meetings – Come pray with us, and create lasting bonds of love and unity.

Children’s Classes – Bring your children to a place where they are respected as noble souls and helped to develop their innate capacity for cooperation, kindness, patience, love of God and love for humanity.

Study Classes – Explore the wonder of being an immortal soul who has an amazing capacity for love, joy, peace, goodness and faith.

All are welcome, and we never ask guests for donations.

Weight .15 lbs

12 pack, 50 pack, 400 pack


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