A Spiritual Guide to Great Sex


A rational exploration of the value of chastity, presented in a style and language that young people can relate to.



The Role of Commitment and Character in Establishing Sexual Satisfaction 

Revised and expanded for the interfaith market, it is now more versatile than ever!

This short booklet is an attempt to begin a rational exploration of the value of chastity, presented in a style and language that young people can enjoy.  Now, I know that the title sounds a little wild, but lets face it, if I called it Why you shouldn’t have sex until you get married then I couldn’t pay anyone enough money to get them to read it.  Young people don’t want lectures, they want helpful insights.

As a parent, you can demonstrate honesty, kindness, generosity, and many other virtues, but how do you teach something as personal and private as chastity through example? Parents, teachers and youth leaders have struggled with the question of how to encourage chastity without resorting to lectures, shame, guilt, or threats  for centuries.   Our ability to explain moral teachings in sensitive, logical, psychological and spiritual terms will determine our ability to attract seekers who long for moral guidance without the baggage.  It may also determine the spiritual fate of many single Bahá’ís.

Ideas presented in this booklet include the difference between intensity and intimacy, the value of maturity, character and commitment in building healthy intimacy, the consequences of “easy familiarity,” and the value of religion.  A new section explores the role of emotions, virtues and spiritual sensations as a more fulfilling source of pleasure than physical sensations.

This booklet is not just for youth, not just for singles, and not just for Bahá’ís.  In fact, no matter who you are, it just might change the way you look at yourself and the people you find yourself attracted to.  With divorce, unwed motherhood and sexual promiscuity on the rise, this is a booklet that youth ministries of every denomination will appreciate receiving.  It is the only thing I’ve written that both my children and my mother have recommended to their friends.

Still concerned that it might not be appropriate for your intended recipient? Here is a modified version of the entire text at my blog.

Full color self-cover, 16 pages, 4×9.

For a more in-depth exploration of this topic, consider my book Love, Lust and the Longing for God.


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