NEW! Animals Building Character Coloring & Activities Book

Animals Building Character Activities Book
Animals Building Character Coloring & Activities Book

I don’t usually post twice in one week, but I’ve been waiting so long for these beautiful books to arrive that I couldn’t wait another minute! It has taken over a year to commission all of the artwork and then create all of the activities pages myself, but it was worth it.

Animals Building Character took all those months to develop because we wanted to create something special that the whole family could enjoy.  Young children will love coloring the charming pictures of animals and the use of alliterative virtue and animal names to illustrate positive behavior. They will meet compassionate cows, loving lions, patient peacocks and many more friendly animals. Parents will appreciate the guided activities they can do along with their early-readers. Older children will spend hours exploring the word searches and mazes, reading about how different virtues can make them happier, and answering thought-provoking questions about the things they like and the people they know.

Scattered throughout these pages you will also find fun facts about animals, song suggestions to brighten your day, letters to unscramble, and hundreds of fascinating quotations from famous (and not so famous) people sharing their insights into the meaning and value of different character strengths.

This is an activities book you will want to come back to day after day, week after week, and even year after year. Every time you flip through its pages you will discover something new to think about and explore.

Don’t forget the Color with Character Crayons that will reinforce the idea that the Vocabulary of Virtues is an important part of our every day lives.

Color with Character Crayons that teach virtues
Color with Character Crayons that teach virtues

For a limited time, receive a free sample Character Coin with every Activities Book you order!

Character Coins 2
Character Coins 2

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