Introducing “Scrabinoes” a Baha’i Word-Matching Game

Scrabinoes Baha'i Word Matching Card Game
Scrabinoes Baha’i Word Matching Card Game

I sent sample decks of Scrabinoes to communities all across the country to see what people thought. The reviews are in, and people loved it!

Scrabinoes is an entertaining Bahai card game that combines elements of Scrabble and Dominoes for a unique and challenging evening of fun.

Perfect for Family Games Nights, Jr. Youth gatherings, College Clubs, Holy Day Parties and the Social Portion of Feast.

The Bahai Writings contain many repeating themes and words. Finding those common words on the Scrabinoes cards earns you points. The more connections you can find, the more points you earn. Color coding makes it easy. Multi-directional play makes it challenging.

The Goal: Earn points by playing a quotation card from your hand beside a card on the table that contains at least one word (or partial word) in common with it. The more words the quotations have in common, the more points you earn. The fewer times the word is used in the deck, the more that word is worth. Each word that can earn points is color-coded to the number of points it is worth. Cards can be played along any edge of the matching card, and cards can create a grid in which words can score points in more than one direction. Cards must have at least one word in common with every card they touch.

Scoring Example 3rd card
Scoring Example 3rd card

What you need: 1) A deck of Scrabinoes cards, 2) A large table that is well-lit so you can read the words and distinguish their colors, 3) A pad & pencil to record your points. 4) 1-6 players (or teams) Ages 10 and up.

What you get: A deck of 54 Scrabinoes with 49 quotation cards plus 4 instruction cards and a “wild card.” There is also a separate instruction sheet that includes illustrations of how to count your score. Together they are packed in a velour pouch for easy storage. All for only $9.95

Once you own the deck and understand the basic scoring process, there are many variations you can play to fit the size of your group, the amount of time you have, and your personal game preferences.

Click here to go to the product page, then click on the tab that says “Instructions” to read the details of how to play.

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