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My envelope supplier went out of business, but before they did, they put all of their envelopes on sale. So I’ve switched out boring white envelopes for festive color envelopes for most of my Holiday and Note Cards – including my Star Naw-Ruz card that matches our flags and holiday ribbon.

To celebrate the upgrade, I’m putting everything on my Greeting Card page on sale for 20% off WITH A COUPON. The Coupon code is CARDS. Just type it in to the coupon box when you get to the shopping cart. (Coupon expires at Naw-Ruz.)

The Fast is a wonderful time to remember friends with a personal note on a real paper card mailed through the mail with a stamp. No e-mail or text can possibly have the same impact.  Now is a perfect time to send thank-you notes to the important people in your life, letting them know how much they mean to you and how they’ve made your life better.

Writing them will make you feel better. Receiving them will make them feel great. What a wonderful way to start the new year.

Naw-Ruz Card w/ Env.

New this week, we’ve brightened up our Naw-Ruz cards with lavender, blue, spearmint and yellow  envelopes. They really make the cards feel festive.

Naw-Ruz is easier to explain to people than Ayyam-i-Ha. People know about Chinese New Year and Islamic New Year, and the first day of Spring, so Naw-Ruz cards make the Baha’i Faith seem different, yet similar to other cultural celebrations.

The cards coordinate with our Naw-Ruz flags and Ribbon.

Angel of Joy Card w/ Env

Our Angel of Joy cards now come with pink, lavender, blue, spearmint and yellow envelopes too.  These are great all-occasion cards, and are perfect for thank-you notes. “Thank you! You’ve been such an angel in my life, and have brought me great joy.” They are also on sale for 20% off with coupon code CARDS.

Classic Golden Rule Card w/ Env

Our Classic Golden Rule cards now come with golden tan envelopes for a very warm and rich presentation.

Teacher Appreciation Card w/ Env

The end of the school year is approaching. Stock up now on Teacher Appreciation Cards – now with matching hot pink envelopes.

Card w/ envelopesPrayer for Expectant Mothers cards now come with matching Spearmint and/or Yellow envelopes.

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