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Courage is needed dragon T-shirt front design

This is the third and last (for now) in my series of new T-shirts for kids, designed to promote virtues. They have all been just as popular with adults, and this one promises to be no exception.

Four color options

Our “Courage Is Needed” shirt reminds us that courage is more than fighting dragons. It is about being honest, forgiving, hopeful, serene, loyal, kind – and a whole lot more. Courage is about being true to yourself and having integrity when other people pressure you to abandon your values.
As you can see, it comes in different colors, including two with metallic ink.
It also includes an inspiring quotation by Maya Angelou on the back.

Dragon Books

If you are giving this shirt to a child, consider combining it with one of our two books that teach about virtues and feature dragons: Dragon Quest and Dragons of Rizvania.

I still have a few Multifaith Calendars in stock, so I’m putting them on sale at 20% off for ONE WEEK only (and while supplies last). The 2019 12-month Multifaith Calendars are even prettier than last year’s. They include all Baha’i Feasts and Holy Days, along with the celebrations of 13 other major religions. It is a beautiful and educational gift you can give yourself or anyone else interested in religious fellowship.

You can buy two Multifaith calendars, or one Multifaith, one Wall, and one Datebook and still get 1st class shipping. 
Here are just a few of the beautiful images in this year’s calendar. Click the picture to see more.

I still have some of the Publishing Trust’s Date Books too, but they aren’t on sale.  You can order them here.

American/Baha'i 2019-2020 Wall Calendar
American/Baha’i 2019-2020 Wall Calendar

Our wall calendar is also on sale for 20% off its original price. The 2019 side is no longer of much use, but the 2020 side will get you all the way through next year. 

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