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Art Of Consultation

Art and Consultation: Creating Space and Planting Seeds in the Garden of Your Mind

I came across this old article about the art of consultation on the same day as a friend posted this WONDERFUL video mash-up of Mr Rogers. Somehow, the idea of creating space for new ideas seemed to be the perfect prerequisite for planting ideas in the garden of your mind.

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Part 1)
At a Wisconsin Bahá’í School class on consultation, someone mentioned the “art of consultation.”  Being an artist myself, my mind shifted sideways to ask what art and consultation have in common.  My answer, for the time being, is that they are both designed to create space in your mind so that there is room for God’s guidance to enter.

Now, I must admit that I have never liked to think of myself as a “channel.”  The idea of having the “pith of self” removed always sounded painful, and my sense of myself as a steel pipe with no control over what got pumped through me did not feel like much fun.

But to use prayer, meditation, art, and even consultation in order to make space for new understanding to spring forth – now that sounded like fun.  Mystical and yet delightfully refreshing!

When the rest of the world thinks of “consultation” it sees it as a tug-of-war between opposing sides. The distance between two opinions is viewed as a wasteland into which people try not to slide as they pull against each other.

For Bahá’ís, the distance between ideas is a place for exploration and discovery.  It is into that “empty space” that God pours wisdom and guidance.

Mr Rogers
Mr Rogers

Part 2)
Now that we see both art and consultation as a way to open up an empty space for something new to enter, perhaps we should visualize this empty space, not as a desert, but as a garden.

This video of Mr Rogers will make you smile, and will also make you think about how YOU might use art and consultation to create a fertile space for growing beautiful ideas… in the garden of your mind.

You are Loved
You are loved Pendant

You are loved
If there were ever an idea that Mr Rogers would like to have growing in the garden of YOUR mind, it would surely be that You are loved.

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