International Orders

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS PLEASE READ:  I’m sorry that the following information may sound really negative, but even though WE know the world is one country, the postal services and customs officials have not figured it out yet:

Our new website and shipping program has made international shipping to most English-speaking, countries (and many others) much easier than before. Consequently we have lowered our minimum for international orders to the same $11.85 as it is for domestic orders.

Our new website does automatically process international orders to Canada, the UK, most of Europe and Australia. (All other countries, try putting items in your cart and see if it gives you a shipping estimate. If not, please e-mail us for availability.)  Unfortunately, that does NOT mean that it will calculate your shipping 100% accurately. On international orders, just a few grams can double the price of a package. We will check your order by hand. If the shipping is close to accurate, we will process it as shown. If there is a 1st-class or flat-rate option that will save you money, we will use it and refund the difference. If shipping is MORE than what was estimated, we will void the charge and e-mail you with options. Please watch your e-mail and check your spam filters.

Note: we have no control over, nor can we predict what your country will charge in customs or taxes.  Duties in European countries can be very high – especially for jewelry and burial rings. DO NOT ORDER if you are unwilling to pay the duties incurred. We will not refund shipping and have a 10% restocking fee on returned packages. Please check the exchange rate before ordering so that you aren’t surprised. Prices are in U.S. Dollars, which are very strong right now.

Please note that not all international credit cards will work. We don’t know why. If your card does not go through, you can try a different one, or try PayPal instead. We have no way to override our credit card processer’s actions.

WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR LOST ORDERS or delays. We have no control over international shipping. Things get lost and packages get delayed. If something takes longer than you expected, we can send you the tracking number, but once the tracking system says it has left the country, we may not be able to track it further, and cannot take responsibility for it. Some countries allow insurance. Some don’t. If you request insurance (and when it is available), it will increase the cost of shipping.  We also reserve the right to not accept orders from countries with a history of lots of lost or damaged packages.

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