Will you produce or distribute my good idea?

I don’t know. Maybe. It doesn’t hurt to ask.

Send us a sample in the mail or an idea with what you are thinking. All we can say without knowing more is that we can talk. I can tell you that one thing we will want to know if what the item will cost and how much you think people will pay. We also tend not to want to do whatever Walmart or Amazon is already making available.

While we do purchase some products from other companies, most of our inventory is developed in house. We do pay royalties for product designs, but don’t plan to get rich as most products sell in the hundreds, not the millions.

Another thing I should mention is that we tend to review new product ideas quarterly instead of as soon as we find out about them. If you send a sample and don’t hear back right away, you can call or email to find out what we are thinking but we might not be able to give you a hard decision as quickly as you would like. Don’t give up on us as relationships take time to build.

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