Womens Equality

A basic tenent of the Bahai Faith is the equality of men and women. We are told that men and women are like the wings of one bird. If one wing is weak, the bird cannot fly well. Women achieving their full potential is essential to the progression of the human race.

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    This bound edition of our popular Wings of Prayer Mini-Book is 5x8 and 94 pages long instead of 4x6 and 64 pages, with cream-colored paper, perfect binding and much larger type, but has exactly the same content.
  • SKU: bkt-wp
    Wings of Prayer - Baha'i Prayers for Women Nicely organized, the seventy-five prayers and quotations inside are either directed towards women, or are about issues of interest to women. This recently expanded 4x6" edition is larger, 50% longer, and has almost twice the number of prayers and quotations as the earlier edition.
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    This pamphlet offers a win/win perspective that encourages men to take an active part in the advancement of women. Side one shows how men can gain self-esteem, power, wealth, healthier relationships and more, through equal partnerships with women.
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    This is something women will want to take home with them. It can be given out at fairs, at businesswomen's meetings, educational gatherings, and any other event at which a reasonable number of women will be present. It can be used as a gift or as a conversation starter.
  • Women & Men magnet

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    Women & Men are like wings of one bird. Because they both must be powerful if the bird is to fly. Size: 2 1/4" diameter
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    This button features a dove in flight on a black background. It says Women and Men like the wings of one bird. The button reminds us that both wings need to be strong for the dove to fly. 2 1/4" diameter

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