We R 1 Family

A fundamental Bahai belief is that all people are members of one human family. The principal of the ‘oneness of humanity’ is fundamental to all other Bahai social teachings.

  • SKU: FG-67
    Spread the message of the oneness of humanity with this reversible 4-season garden flag and make everyone in your neighborhood feel welcome.
  • SKU: BL-66
    We are one family balloons send a message of love and unity. The we r 1 family design is printed on many colors (light and dark mix including blue, green, black, red, orange, pink, white and yellow. Ink is red for light balloons and yellow for dark balloons for a very colorful mix of 50 balloons.)$20
  • SKU: FG-33
    Welcome Everybody yard flag tells the world who is welcome in your neighborhood. In this world of prejudice and fear, just saying "Welcome!" becomes a source of light and unity. Adding "Everybody" to the message makes these 12x18" door flags and/or garden flags a powerful statement of inclusiveness, while the pretty design and circle of hearts takes the edge off and touches hearts.
  • SKU: st-66
    We are one Family stickers are bright and colorful. The WE R 1 Family message is one of love and unity.Large and full-colorful, the We R 1 Family stickers come in rolls of 100 or 1000.
  • SKU: BS-111
    One Loving Creator, One Unfolding Faith, One Human Family - removable bumper stickerThe adhesive for our new line of bumper stickers sticks when you want it to stick, but comes off easily when you are ready to move your message somewhere else. Indoors, they stay removable for years. On a car, they stay removable for months.
  • SKU: bn-66
    We are one family is a message of acceptance and unity. The button is 2 1/4 inches in diameter.
  • SKU: mag-66
    Keep the we are one family magnet on your fridge at home or on your filing cabinet at work.The magnets are 2 1/4 inches in diameter.
  • SKU: tt-66
    WE R 1 Family temporary tattoo - 50 pack for $6.95We are one family temporary tattoos are very popular with children. Purchase the colorful temporary tattoos in a 100 pack or in an assortment package.
  • SKU: mtc-2
    The Earth is but one country, and mankind its citizens.There is plenty of extra room on the back for you to write, stamp or add a sticker with local contact and fireside information.
  • SKU: mtc-3
    So powerful is the light of unity that it can illumine the whole earth. Baha'u'llahOne of the fundamental messages of the Bahai Faith is the fundamental importance of unity.There is plenty of extra room on the back for you to write, stamp or add a sticker with local contact and fireside information.

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