Unity in Diversity

Unity in Diversity is a statement about acceptance and integration without uniformity or fragmentation. Bahais believe in the fundamental unity of all people which rejoicing in our rich diversity.

  • SKU: FG-33
    Welcome Everybody yard flag tells the world who is welcome in your neighborhood. In this world of prejudice and fear, just saying "Welcome!" becomes a source of light and unity. Adding "Everybody" to the message makes these 12x18" door flags and/or garden flags a powerful statement of inclusiveness, while the pretty design and circle of hearts takes the edge off and touches hearts.
  • SKU: bn-133
    We've brightened up our Unity in Diversity button to make the colors of the skin tones stand out more and the slogan easier to read. Just like the magnets, they are 2 1/4" in diameter.
  • SKU: mag-33
    The Unity in Diversity Magnet shows people of different shades holding hands with hearts. Both the magnets and buttons are 2 1/4" diameter
  • SKU: bs-134
    Unity in Diversity bumper sticker features a playful font. This reinforces the message of Unity in Diversity.
  • SKU: tt-33
    Unity in Diversity temporary tattoos are a colorful temporary tattoo with different shades of human figures in a 9-sided design with hearts between them. They come in packages of 100 for $12.50

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