This creative design by Marty Quinn lets the world know that you are striving to construct a prejudice-free world, starting with yourself.
  • SKU: TS-IF4-LS
    A special purchase in limited quantities. The symbols of six major religions are printed in shimmering metallic gold and silver ink in our newest interfaith t-shirt design.
  • SKU: TS-GR
    The symbols of six major religions are printed  around the words "The Golden Rule" in shimmering metallic gold that is both elegant and reinforces the message.  Available (for now) in long and short-sleeve.
  • SKU: mr-AST
    Get one of each or our three pocket mirrors for a special price.
  • Promise of Peace Booklet

    The Promise of World Peace is a concise and comprehensive outline of how to apply the spiritual teachings of Baha'u'llah to the social needs of today.
  • SKU: PN-IF5
    This blue gel pen sports a full-color design that includes the Islamic, Jewish, Baha'i, Christian, Buddhist and Hindu symbols in a rainbow of circles.

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