• SKU: bkt-ast
    Bahai Mini-books for every one and for every occasion This is a set of 10 of our most popular Bahai boolets.  This is your chance to check out all of them without having to buy five of each. You get: A Gift of Prayers, Why We Have Hope, The Hidden Words, The Secret of Happiness, Tell Me about Baha'u'llah, One Light - Many Lamps, Wings of Prayer, True Wealth for Troubled Times, Reflections from the Sacred Writings (Ruhi quotes) and the Ocean of Healing.
  • SKU: FG-67
    Spread the message of the oneness of humanity with this reversible 4-season garden flag and make everyone in your neighborhood feel welcome.
  • SKU: fg-21
    Our 30x40" World Citizen Flag is a full-color photograph of earth floating in a rich black sky with the words WORLD CITIZEN. This deserves to hang in every school room, in front of every home, in the corridors of City Hall, and anywhere people gather to serve humanity. $25
  • SKU: fg-if3
    Promote interfaith harmony with this beautiful flag that includes the symbols of six major religions - Baha'i, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, and Judaism. It is 30x40" and printed on durable polyester, with a hem at the top for hanging.
  • SKU: fg-wcts
    This lovely piece of fabric serves multiple functions. It is sized perfectly to hang in front of or behind your literature display, but it is also big enough to carry in a parade. With big, bold lettering proclaiming "The Baha'i Faith" it is an easy way to identify yourselves both at a booth or in a parade.
  • SKU: fg-247
    The "One Light – Many Lamps" image instantly conveys the principles of the Oneness of God and Progressive Revelation. This means that people who walk by it quickly or glance at it in a parade will still get the message of unity it presents. It includes both religious symbols and the names of the Founders of six major religions, along with a summary quotation by Baha'u'llah.

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