• SKU: mr-AST
    Get one of each or our three pocket mirrors for a special price.
  • SKU: bn-19
    The spread the promise of peace button reminds us that peace is possible. The version includes the words, "The Bahai Faith" The buttons are 2 1/4" in diameter.
  • World citizen lanyard

    SKU: lan-21
    These World Citizen lanyards are printed in white on both sides of a royal blue woven polyester ribbon. They have a break-away safety clasp in the back, and a detachable clip that has its own loop of fabric to make it easy to carry.
  • SKU: mag-19n
    Spread the Promise of Peace magnet design features a dove and reminds us that peace is possible. Like the buttons, the design is 2 1/4" diameter.
  • SKU: st-56
    d promote the Faith at the same time with our “Say Good Night to the Light” light switch stickers.  Perfect for Earth Day, MLK Day, Ridvan or your Farmer’s Market, these colorful, washable stickers use whimsy instead of guilt to encourage people to turn off the lights when they leave a room.  Kid’s love them, and the friendly approach bypasses adults’ natural resistance to being bribed or guilted into being “green.”  
  • SKU: BN-6
    This button features a dove in flight on a black background. It says Women and Men like the wings of one bird. The button reminds us that both wings need to be strong for the dove to fly. 2 1/4" diameter

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