• coexist magnet

    SKU: mag-coex
    Our version of this popular design includes the symbols of six major religions plus the ecology symbol. Just for fun, it comes in assorted colors, including the Rainbow, pictured here, plus black, royal, cyan, red, maroon, forest, teal, and several others. Size: 2 1/4" diameter
  • peace be with you magnet

    SKU: mag-if2
    This magnet says, Peace be with you, peace be with you, peace be with you in a circle around the interfaith design. 2 1/4" diameter
  • SKU: mag-8v
    The no room in my heart for violence magnet was made at the request of one of our customers. This is a variation of the no room in my heart for prejudice design. 2 1/4" diameter
  • SKU: mag-if
    Interfaith Symbols Design Magnet The symbols from six major world religions in a circle send a message of tolerance and unity. This magnet would look great on your filing cabinet. 2 1/4" diameter
  • SKU: mag-201
    World Citizen is our most popular message, and these black World Citizen refrigerator magnets are at the perfect price point for token gifts for coworkers, committee members, children's classes, etc. 2 1/4" diameter
  • SKU: mag-214
    Circle of Religions Magnet Similar to our interfaith rainbow rosette, this magnet includes the NAMES of the religions along with the symbols, which makes it very handy when people ask you about it. Use it to hold papers up on our filing cabinet, and start conversations. 2 1/4" diameter
  • SKU: mtc-if
    The interfaith golden rule wallet sized card has the Golden Rule from six major religions printed on the back, and the Interfaith Resources web address on the front so people can find lots of other materials that support interfaith fellowship. It is a great conversation starter and easy-to-carry gift for interfaith gatherings. This interfaith Golden Rule design includes a version of the Golden Rule as expressed in six of the world's major religions - Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and the Baha'i Faith.
  • SKU: pc-gr
    People absolutely love the praying children version of the Golden Rule, and these postcards are the easiest, most durable, most affordable way to spread the message to thousands. Print local information on the back, or hand them out blank and let the message speak for itself. 4.25x6" full-color post cards on high-gloss stock
  • SKU: pc-if
    Every religion has more than one version of The Golden Rule. For this multi-faith postcard, I've chosen shorter versions than on some of our other products so that the type can be bigger. I've also chosen the better known version of the Christian Golden Rule, with more natural phrasing. The colors are also brighter. In time, all of our Golden Rule products using this logo will switch to the phrasing you see here. The postcard is 4¼ x 6' on very heavy glossy card stock. The Golden Rule from the six major religions is very readable at this size. Print Community information on the back and mail it or give it away. Also appropriate for personal use or as a gift.
  • SKU: mr-if
    Symbols from six world religions with text that says: One Light, Many Mirrors - One God, Many Paths 2 1/4" diameter $3
  • SKU: st-if
    The words Peace be with you is a universal spiritual greeting that helps open the heart to the subtle message of the interlocking religious symbols. By the time they realize that the Cross is in the same circle as the Star & Crescent, the thought -be at peace- is already whispering in their subconscious. Full color, 2 ½" with a glossy UV coating.
  • SKU: stnt-if
    Peace Be With You Interfaith name tags will be useful for any event that is open to the public - including weekly devotions, study circles, pot lucks, Holy Days, parties, celebrations, and any events co-sponsored with another group or religion. The interfaith symbols across the bottom tell your guests that everyone is truly welcome. The phrase "Peace Be With You" across the top is a universal greeting that is both reverent and celebratory at the same time.
  • SKU: BS-111
    One Loving Creator, One Unfolding Faith, One Human Family - removable bumper sticker The adhesive for our new line of bumper stickers sticks when you want it to stick, but comes off easily when you are ready to move your message somewhere else. Indoors, they stay removable for years. On a car, they stay removable for months.
  • SKU: BS-2B
    Not to be confused with the many other versions of this design, our black Coexist bumper sticker includes symbols for Islam, Buddhism, Ecology, Judaism, the Baha'i Faith, Taoism and Christianity. Now it is on a black background and printed with the new removable adhesive. Our version of this popular design is different from the original. It includes symbols for Islam, Buddhism, Ecology, Judaism, Baha'i, Taoism, and Christianity. It is also available on a T-shirt.
  • SKU: wd-212
    God's Love has many names Window Decal "God's Love Has Many Names" is now available as a two-color static cling vinyl decal. That means there is no glue. You just clean the inside of the window, attach the decal facing out, rub it gently, and it will stay there until you are ready to remove it.
  • SKU: fg-21
    Our 30x40" World Citizen Flag is a full-color photograph of earth floating in a rich black sky with the words WORLD CITIZEN. This deserves to hang in every school room, in front of every home, in the corridors of City Hall, and anywhere people gather to serve humanity. $25
  • SKU: lan-21-k
    Short lanyards with a carabiner at one end and a split ring at the other are the most convenient way to keep from losing important items like keys, phones and electronic devices. Ours say World Citizen on a cobalt blue woven strap. It is printed on both sides, and matches our long neck lanyard.
  • World citizen lanyard

    SKU: lan-21
    These World Citizen lanyards are printed in white on both sides of a royal blue woven polyester ribbon. They have a break-away safety clasp in the back, and a detachable clip that has its own loop of fabric to make it easy to carry.
  • SKU: lan-21-set
    World Citizen Lanyard Set contains both the neck lanyard and a shorter keychain clip lanyard.
  • SKU: tb-21
    The reusable World Citizen Wide-Top Tote Bag is gusseted, with an 8x12" bottom and flared sides that spread to 20" wide and 13" tall.
  • SKU: wd-22
    The World Citizen window decal is printed in cobalt blue and white on static cling vinyl. That means there is no glue. You just clean the inside of the window, attach the decal facing out, rub it gently, and it will stay there until you are ready to remove it.
  • SKU: jyab-211
    World Citizen Awareness Bracelets let people know that you feel like you are a citizen of the world. You believe in the fundamental unity of all people.
  • World Citizen Stickers

    SKU: st-21
    World Citizen stickers are simple and classy. They come in rolls of 100 or 1000. The stickers are 2 1/4 inches in diameter.
  • World Citizen Magnet

    SKU: mag-21
    The Word Citizen button is an all time favorite design. That is why we have it available on so many different products. This world citizen button is a white crescent earth on a royal blue background. They are 2 1/4" in diameter.
  • SKU: FG-33
    Welcome Everybody yard flag tells the world who is welcome in your neighborhood. In this world of prejudice and fear, just saying "Welcome!" becomes a source of light and unity. Adding "Everybody" to the message makes these 12x18" door flags and/or garden flags a powerful statement of inclusiveness, while the pretty design and circle of hearts takes the edge off and touches hearts.
  • SKU: bs-134
    Unity in Diversity bumper sticker features a playful font. This reinforces the message of Unity in Diversity.
  • SKU: bn-133
    We've brightened up our Unity in Diversity button to make the colors of the skin tones stand out more and the slogan easier to read. Just like the magnets, they are 2 1/4" in diameter.
  • SKU: bn-19n
    The spread the promise of peace button reminds us that peace is possible. The buttons are 2 1/4" in diameter.
  • SKU: mag-66
    Keep the we are one family magnet on your fridge at home or on your filing cabinet at work. The magnets are 2 1/4 inches in diameter.
  • SKU: st-66
    We are one Family stickers are bright and colorful. The WE R 1 Family message is one of love and unity. Large and full-colorful, the We R 1 Family stickers come in rolls of 100 or 1000.
  • SKU: bn-66
    We are one family is a message of acceptance and unity. The button is 2 1/4 inches in diameter.
  • COEXIST T-shirt

    SKU: ts-coexist
    This is not the first Coexist T-Shirt created, but it may be the nicest, using six religious symbols and the ecology symbol to spell out COEXIST.   The Coexist image has become instantly recognized as a plea for religious tolerance, cooperation and respect. By adding the ecology symbol, it extends the idea of respect and interdependence to include the earth itself. Available in Black, Sapphire and Millennial Pink in select sizes.
  • SKU: mag-8N
    no room in my heart magnet is the same size and design as the button and sticker. They are 2 and 1/4 inches in diameter.
  • SKU: bn-8N
    No room in my heart for prejudice button are 2 1/4" in diameter.
  • SKU: st-8N
    No room in my heart for prejudice stickers come in rolls of 100 or 1000. Each sticker is 2 1/4" in diameter.
  • SKU: tt-207
    100 pack of our kids I'm a Star temporary tattoo. $12.50
  • SKU: tt-8
    No room in my heart for prejudice temporary tattoos are attractive and meaningful. A heart on a child's cheek or hand is charming, and this one sends an important message about the elimination of prejudice. Package of 50 for $6.95
  • SKU: tt-20
    100 pack of our very popular world citizen temporary tattoo. $12.50
  • SKU: TT-19
    The peace rainbow design on this temporary tattoo is a colorful version of our spread the promise of peace design. package of 100 for $12.50
  • SKU: BL-8
    No Room In My Heart For Prejudice balloons come in packages of 50. Colors in the package include a light and dark mix of blue, green, black, red, orange, pink, white and yellow. $20
  • SKU: BL-20
    World Citizen design printed on deep translucent colors, including blue, green, purple and red. This is a good choice for events like international festivals and parties. world citizen balloons come in packs of 50 for $20
  • SKU: BL-66
    We are one family balloons send a message of love and unity. The we r 1 family design is printed on many colors (light and dark mix including blue, green, black, red, orange, pink, white and yellow. Ink is red for light balloons and yellow for dark balloons for a very colorful mix of 50 balloons.) $20
  • SKU: tt-66
    WE R 1 Family temporary tattoo - 50 pack for $6.95 We are one family temporary tattoos are very popular with children. Purchase the colorful temporary tattoos in a 100 pack or in an assortment package.
  • SKU: tt-33
    Unity in Diversity temporary tattoos are a colorful temporary tattoo with different shades of human figures in a 9-sided design with hearts between them. They come in packages of 100 for $12.50
  • SKU: mag-19n
    Spread the Promise of Peace magnet design features a dove and reminds us that peace is possible. Like the buttons, the design is 2 1/4" diameter.
  • SKU: BL-19
    Peace Balloons with a white dove are printed on assorted bright colors - turquoise, red, black, hot pink, blue, yellow and green). This is a bag of 50 large, sturdy balloons. $20
  • SKU: ts-221
    The world is shrinking and becoming more and more interconnected every day, making us all World Citizens. We can fight it, as some are, or embrace and celebrate our global heritage. If you believe that the earth is one country and all humans are its citizens, then wear this shirt with pride.
  • SKU: mag-207
    Every child is a brilliant star magnet is the same size and design as the Every child is a brilliant star button and sticker. The diameter is 2 and 1/4 inches in diameter.
  • SKU: mag-33
    The Unity in Diversity Magnet shows people of different shades holding hands with hearts. Both the magnets and buttons are 2 1/4" diameter

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