Spanish Wallet Sized Teaching Cards

Bahai teaching cards in Spanish.

  • SKU: mtc-s110
    Card has a list of Bahai Principles written in Spanish.
  • SKU: mtc-s34
    These new two-sided thank you cards, with English on one side and Spanish on the other, are appropriate for almost any situation. Give them to wait-people, salespeople, bus drivers, gardeners, bellhops, postal workers, employees, and anyone else who behaves as though their work is worship.
  • SKU: mtc-s36
    This is the "Refresh and gladden my spirit" prayer in Spanish. The Spanish card has been redesigned to more closely match the English version so you will know which prayer you are giving out to people.
  • SKU: mtc-s19
    The English version of this teaching card rapidly became one of our best sellers because it compresses an amazing amount of information in an extremely small space. It is also a very non-threatening way to introduce people to the name of Baha'u'llah right up-front. When choosing teaching materials to have translated into Spanish, it was a logical choice.
  • SKU: mtc-s35
    Our Healing teaching cards have the short healing prayer on the back. They are low-cost, easy to carry, and can be left at doctor's offices, hospital chapels, or given to friends and strangers. They are also available in English.

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