Bahai Stickers and Bahai Name Tags

Stickers serve many purposes. We sell stickers designed to give away at events, stickers to decorate with, virtues stickers to teach and reward, and name tag stickers to build community. (If you want bumper stickers or window decals, see the link at the bottom of this page)

Why Use Stickers at Events? Stickers are the ultimate attractors.  They work like magnets on adults and children alike, and they carry their message far and wide, and for a long time.  I seriously don’t know how I taught without them.  Let me explain why.

1) They are attractive. As a way to draw families to a literature table, there is nothing better.  The word “sticker” is like music to little ears – they can hear it over the din of a county fair from 30 feet away.  I’ve watched kids walk away from clowns and candy to come pick up a free sticker.  And where kids go, parents follow.

2) They are easy to carry.  Put a few in your purse to give to children, or pass them out at parades or marches.  They are easier to pass out than balloons or candy, and are healthier.  One customer has given away over 20 thousand just by handing them to children at a local Wal-Mart.

3)  They are hard to turn down.  They are both playful and profound, so it is very difficult for someone to say no to a friendly offer of a free sticker.  I give them to the people in other booths, and they become extensions of ours.

4) They last.  I’ve seen stickers on cars, notebooks and backpacks months after they were given out.  Who can tell what that daily exposure will do for the person who stuck it, or all of their friends who see it?

5) They are versatile.  In addition to giving them away, consider using them to identify groups of Bahá’ís while in public (like cheap T-shirts or buttons).  Slip one into a related pamphlet or book.  Decorate notebooks for events.  Use them for crafts projects, as party favors, etc.

6) They are inexpensive.  I used to give free posters to everyone.  Now I give stickers to everyone and save the posters for the adults.  This saves me a lot, while attracting even more people.

7) They travel.  Once someone puts on a sticker, there is no telling how far it will go or how many hundreds of people will see it.  Each person becomes a walking billboard for the Bahá’ís.  Hundreds of people with stickers, each seeing hundreds of other people wearing stickers, builds a sense of community.

Table at Streets Alive

Table at Streets Alive

  • SKU: st-8
    This is still my most popular sticker. It is such a personal statement, and it wears so well right over the heart that both adults and children love to put them on. It also coordinates well with our other “no room” items. We gave away 4,000 at our 4th of July parade and another 2,800 at our fair. They slide off the fingers so you can give them out faster than candy at parades. At the fair, they were just as popular with kids as posters or balloons, but cheaper, so we attracted families but gave posters and literature only to adults. It worked well.
  • SKU: st-8N
    No room in my heart for prejudice stickers come in rolls of 100 or 1000. Each sticker is 2 1/4" in diameter.
  • SKU: st-9
    Kids will love these 1-1/4" sparkly 9-pointed star stickers!  They catch the light and send rainbows of color dancing across whatever surface you put them on. Wear them, use them as awards, decorate things like notebooks, water bottles, bicycles, and laptops, or use them for crafts to make jewelry, pencil holders, prayer book covers or art projects.  The more the sparklier!
  • SKU: st-if
    The words Peace be with you is a universal spiritual greeting that helps open the heart to the subtle message of the interlocking religious symbols. By the time they realize that the Cross is in the same circle as the Star & Crescent, the thought -be at peace- is already whispering in their subconscious. Full color, 2 ½" with a glossy UV coating.
  • World Citizen Stickers

    SKU: st-21
    World Citizen stickers are simple and classy. They come in rolls of 100 or 1000. The stickers are 2 1/4 inches in diameter.
  • SKU: st-66
    We are one Family stickers are bright and colorful. The WE R 1 Family message is one of love and unity. Large and full-colorful, the We R 1 Family stickers come in rolls of 100 or 1000.
  • SKU: st-207
    Every child is a Brilliant Star stickers are our lowest-cost stickers, yet they are large and full-color. The stickers come in rolls of 100 or 1000. Each sticker is 2 1/4 in diameter.
  • SKU: st-296
    This full-color glossy sticker offers an interfaith perspective that most people agree with.  It does not say Baha’i, so it can be used in many settings.  Hang our new “Same God Listens” flag behind your booth and wear the matching T-shirts for a coordinated display  
  • SKU: st-ha
    Jazz up your gift giving with sparkling "To" and "From" gift tag stickers. Designed to match our Ayyam-i-Ha ribbon, these 1.5x3" stickers are stamped with glittering color to make it easy to figure out who each gift is for and who it is from. The holographic sparkle creates a rainbow of color that matches any color of paper you choose.  
  • SKU: st-aa
    Newly Re-Designed with colorful stars by Joe Paczkowski! These are perfect for Feasts, Unit Conventions, summer schools and other Bahá'í-centered activities. Not only does their distinctively Bahá'í design say "Allá-u-Abhá" and sport a nine-pointed star, but they also come in four colors to make it quick and easy to divide large groups into smaller discussion groups or workshops.
  • SKU: stnt-if
    Peace Be With You Interfaith name tags will be useful for any event that is open to the public - including weekly devotions, study circles, pot lucks, Holy Days, parties, celebrations, and any events co-sponsored with another group or religion. The interfaith symbols across the bottom tell your guests that everyone is truly welcome. The phrase "Peace Be With You" across the top is a universal greeting that is both reverent and celebratory at the same time.
  • Sale!
    SKU: st-3
    Use these 9-pointed star stickers to decorate gifts, notebooks, children's rooms, craft projects, cell phones, laptops, tablets, and anything else you want to beautify. Three-inch square sticker comes with three inner stars and one outer star, giving you four stickers in one. Each package contains twelve sheets - four metallic gold, four metallic silver, two light blue and two fluorescent pink sheets, giving you 48 assorted stickers in all.
  • SKU: st-56
    d promote the Faith at the same time with our “Say Good Night to the Light” light switch stickers.  Perfect for Earth Day, MLK Day, Ridvan or your Farmer’s Market, these colorful, washable stickers use whimsy instead of guilt to encourage people to turn off the lights when they leave a room.  Kid’s love them, and the friendly approach bypasses adults’ natural resistance to being bribed or guilted into being “green.”  

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