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Poster Pamphlets Teaching the Bahai Faith

What is a Poster-Pamphlet?  It is a beautiful work of art that promotes a Baha’i theme or principle — that also has a whole pamphlet’s worth of quotations and introductory material on the back.

People accept the poster as a generous gift, then read what is on the back before putting it up on their wall, refrigerator, dormatory door, office bulletin board, or children’s room wall.

The Story of Poster Pamphlets:  The very first product I created back in 1981 was the United Doves Poster/Pamphlet, and within a few years it had revolutionized the way Baha’is gave away literature.  Before then, communities would be thrilled if they gave away a few dozen pamphlets at a county fair or college campus literature table.  By offering people beautiful posters with information about the Faith on the back, they were soon giving away thousands of pieces of literature.  The unexpected bonus was that once people were attracted to the table, they not only read the back of the poster, but they also picked up hundreds of additional pamphlets, booklets and invitations. With the introduction of stickers and teaching cards, poster/pamphlet sales started to slow.  So this year, as the Community returns to more active teaching, I wanted to remind people of the advantages of giving away something that not only contains much more information than a teaching card, but is also more likely to be put on a wall and looked at for years to come.  I cut the prices of many of my beautiful posters to encourage you to give them another try.

All of our current Poster Pamphlets are letter-sized – 8.5×11″.

  • SKU: PP-IF
    Interfaith Golden Rule Poster-Pamphlet This letter-sized interfaith Golden Rule design includes a version of the Golden Rule as expressed in six of the world's major religions - Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and the Baha'i Faith - along with a colorful rainbow rosette of religious symbols on the front. The back has an interfaith quiz of quotations that invites people to guess which quotation came from which religion. There are seven different topics, with 5-6 quotations each, from all the major religions' holy scriptures.
  • SKU: pp-gr-s
    This charming flier pictures five praying children with the Golden Rule from five different religions written in Spanish. On the back is a graphic of the sun with moons and the names of the prophets and the phrase "Prophets are like the moon, reflecting the light of God" in Spanish.  
  • SKU: pp-60
    Parents will love these for their children's rooms. Give them away at children's classes, family festivals, "safe nights," fairs and educational gatherings. The front has a charming image of six diverse children. It is a hand-painted black & white photograph by David Bliwas, which is reminiscent of the ones in our new Blessings and Gems prayer book. At the bottom is the children's prayer that begins "O Thou kind Lord! These lovely children are the handiwork of the fingers of Thy might...."
  • SKU: pp-3t
    This art print/pamphlet is directed specifically towards nurses and other healing professionals, but is also a great gift for anyone in need of healing attention. The front is a full-color calligraphy design in bright watercolor washes. In addition to four short quotations from the Writings about healing, it includes the short healing prayer at the bottom.
  • SKU: pp-gr
    The classic Golden Rule with Praying Children was one of our most popular designs for a decade, but it left out Hinduism, so we replaced it with two other Golden Rule designs. Now it is back with all six of the major religions represented, and an updated timeline on the back. This new version includes a version of the Golden Rule as expressed in the scriptures of - Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and the Baha'i Faith.
  • SKU: pp-76
    This is a letter-sized print with a short pamphlet called "Racial Harmony: The Key to America's Spiritual Destiny" on the back. These are perfect for giving out at fairs and 4th of July events.
  • SKU: pp-6
    This is something women will want to take home with them. It can be given out at fairs, at businesswomen's meetings, educational gatherings, and any other event at which a reasonable number of women will be present. It can be used as a gift or as a conversation starter.
  • SKU: pp-why
    People will be amazed when you offer them a copy of this beautiful art print at fairs and displays. It is printed 8 1/2 x 11" full color with a metallic gold background and has a quotation on the front that says: Men who suffer not, attain no perfection. The plant most pruned by the gardeners is that one which, when the summer comes, will have the most beautiful blossoms and the most abundant fruit.'Abdu'l-Baha

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