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Baha’i Postcards Packs

These postcards were created and priced for proclamation, but they can also be used for personal correspondence.

They are easy to carry and low cost, but have more room for local information than our teaching cards.  You can print invitations or announcements on them, mail them, insert them into newspapers, and use them as gifts.   Most printers can print on the back of them, or you can write personal notes, or use rubber stamps or stickers to add your message. They are easy to carry and very durable.

  • SKU: PC-IF
    Every religion has more than one version of The Golden Rule. For this multi-faith postcard, I've chosen shorter versions than on some of our other products so that the type can be bigger. I've also chosen the better known version of the Christian Golden Rule, with more natural phrasing. The colors are also brighter. In time, all of our Golden Rule products using this logo will switch to the phrasing you see here. The postcard is 4¼ x 6' on very heavy glossy card stock. The Golden Rule from the six major religions is very readable at this size. Print Community information on the back and mail it or give it away. Also appropriate for personal use or as a gift.
  • SKU: PC-GR
    People absolutely love the praying children version of the Golden Rule, and these postcards are the easiest, most durable, most affordable way to spread the message to thousands. Print local information on the back, or hand them out blank and let the message speak for itself. 4.25x6" full-color post cards on high-gloss stock
  • SKU: PC-8
    No room in my heart for PREJUDICE New glossy postcards with the heart design are perfect for personal use or to give at events. Use them to keep in touch with friends, as invitations, or for large mailings on a budget.
  • SKU: PC-8-UP
    Uncut sheets! Starting size is 8.5 x 11" on cardboard which creates four 4.25x5.5 postcards. 50 sheets for $15
  • SKU: PC-76
    These 4.25x5.5" postcards are an easy way to carry the Prayer for America with you wherever you go. The back just has the copyright information so there is plenty of room to can write, stamp or print local information on them.
  • SKU: PC-EM
    Baby Shower gifts, Baby Shower Announcements, Midwife supplies, these postcards will come in handy for lots of occasions.
  • SKU: PC-A1
    The graphics for the card illustrate the diversity of the community and feature the prayer for unity.
  • SKU: PC-A4
    The prayer touches the heart of everyone who reads it, and the graphic is beautiful and uplifting. They are 4x6” and blank on the back, for writing contact numbers or community information .
    These are all well-loved prayers, and can be use for personal correspondence as well as a variety of teaching settings. They are 4x6” and blank on the back.
  • SKU: PC-A3
    If the seeker is sincerely touched by the Baha'i Faith and you can't afford (or don't have) a full prayer book to leave with them, then this card will be a lifeline to keep their hearts connected to Baha'u'llah.

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