Bahai Pens

Pens which carry a slogan or information supporting Baha’i principles. Many are good for gifts and several are inexpensive enough to give away as a teaching tool.

  • SKU: PN-4
    With a message that is echoed by its four colors of ink, this high-quality stylus pen makes a great gift for students, friends, guests and visitors.
    "When you can't SEE the Sunshine, BE the Sunshine" is a positive message that will spark meaningful conversations about being a source of light and goodness when the rest of the world is dark. It will continue to inspire every time the pen in used.
    These fine-point purple-ink gel pens will make you feel wonderful when you write with them, and even better when you give them to someone you care about.
  • SKU: PN-IF5
    This blue gel pen sports a full-color design that includes the Islamic, Jewish, Baha'i, Christian, Buddhist and Hindu symbols in a rainbow of circles.
  • Folder and Pen Set

    SKU: bkt-rlpn
    The folders are the beautiful folders used to send the Universal House of Justice's letter to religious leaders a few years back.  They have two pockets and are printed on heavy ivory-colored cover stock.  "To The World's Religious Leaders" is elegantly stamped in gold foil on the front.
  • SKU: pn-36
    Twelve, yes, twelve different floral designs grace these beautiful stick pens that say "We are flowers of one garden - The Bahá'í Faith - - 1-800-22-unite"

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