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Immerse includes 29 songs based on prayers and quotations presented in a style that is easy to sing along to. This is what you need to help you memorize some of the most widely known Bahai writings.

Only 3 left in stock

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Includes 29 songs based on prayers and quotations presented in a style that is easy to sing along to. Slightly more mellow, it lends itself to use by both adults and children at devotions, Feasts and children’s classes. Several songs are sing and response format. Lyrics and chords are included to make it easy for communities that are only moderately musical to adapt them for adult or child choirs. Makes good background music too.

Track Listing
The samples were rendered at 64kbps (radio quality) – the full songs are CD quality.

1. Immerse Yourselves – sample
2. Make firm our steps – sample
3. O Son of Spirit! My first counsel is this – sample
4. Strive – sample
5. O thou who art waiting – sample
6. Create in me a pure heart – sample
7. May you become as the waves of one sea – sample
8. If an animal be sick – sample
9. Care for the stranger – sample
10. Concentrate all the thoughts of your heart – sample
11. Thy name is my healing – sample
12. Let the light of truth and honesty
(He is God! O God my God! Bestow upon me) – sample
13. Earth and heaven cannot contain Me – sample
14. God has crowned you
(Be generous in prosperity) – sample
15. Let Your Eye Be Chaste – sample
16. Man is, in reality, a spiritual being – sample
17. May this boundless love – sample
18. O Son of Being! Make mention of me – sample
19. To be a Baha’i – sample
20. O my God! O my God! Unite the hearts – sample
21. O Son of Spirit! I created thee rich – sample
22. If you desire with all your heart – sample
23. O Son of Spirit! Noble have I created thee – sample
24. I am, I am, I am, the Promised One! – sample
25. When the ocean of My presence – sample
26. O God! Educate these children – sample
27. O my God, my Master – sample
28. Teach ye your children
(O thou kind Lord! These lovely children) – sample
29.Immerse yourselves (reprise) – sample

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